Short Stories with a Twist...

Short Stories with a Twist...

A few shorts stories but with a twist, Wanna know what the twist to these stories are...?

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Chapter 1.

Story 1: Lie Detector Robot

A man bought a lie  detector robot, if you lie the robot would slap you in the face. The man went over to his son...

Man: Son, where were you yesterday Evening?
Son: I told you i was at Jason's House watching Godzilla.
*Robot Slaps the Son*
Son: F-Fine! we were watching something called um..I don´t even know, i think it was a A rated movie?..
Man/Father: What! when i  was your age i didn´t even know about those types of movies!
*Robot Slaps the Father*
Mother: Haha, He is your son after all!
*Robot Slaps the mother*
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Comments (3)

I just laughed at the first one because in my head I hear the husband say "Carol! You told me it was my kid!" "Hunny It's not what it sounds like!"
14 days ago
14 days ago
Story 1 had me shook, like lmao.
14 days ago