Super Bunnies Save the Day!

(NOTE: I wrote this story when I was like... 9... It's not my best) A couple of bunnies owners are on vacation and are greeted by a special bunny-sitter.

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Luna and Flynn

(Buffy: This is a very poorly written story so brace yourself. I wrote this when I was really young so it's not as good as my current writing)

   One day, there were two little bunnies named Flynn and Luna. Their owners went to Las
Vegas for a week so they hired a bunny sitter. The bunny sitters name was Steve Rogers.
They were just watching Steve as he walked around the house every day. It was boring to them.
Steve turned on the TV and switched to the news channel. He got an astonished look on his
face. He ran to ‘his’ room and suited up.
   Right as he was about to exit the house, he heard little voices coming from the bunny cage.
He stopped with a confused look on his face and said,”Man! Not the voices again!” Then he
heard the little voices again, they said,”Take Us!” He changed his mind then he decided to go
and check. He saw that the bunnies were speaking to him and he kinda thought and looked at
Flynn. “Please take us! You can communicate with us too!” cried Flynn.
   Steve said,”Yeah. I can see that.” He opened up the cage top and let them out. They ran to a
different room and 2 seconds later, they came out in little super suits! Steve said,”Ready?”
“Yes cap!” Luna replied. Steve (Captain America) said,“you know me?” “did i ever say that
someone else in the family couldn’t communicate with animals?” Luna replied and winked.
“Lets go!” said Flynn. They ran as fast as they could and finally saw a giant robot stomping
down the street in the distance.
   Captain america said,”Eh, fought worse.” They all ran faster towards the robot. “Go look
around him and try to find an entrance or control panel or something! We will distract the
robot” said Flynn. Captain nodded and snuck behind a building while Flynn and Luna
pretended to attack but really weren’t. Captain jumped on the back of the robot and looked for
a door of some kind. he eventually found a little keypad with a symbol by it.
   He looked closer at the symbol and said,”The last, It has to be. I thought I defeated you
Hydra.” He thought about what the code could be and eventually got it and typed it in and
climbed over to the door and entered. He saw wires and cords and looked around. He peeked
out the door and saw Luna saying,”Cap! Disconnect the blue wire!” He smiled and went back
in and did it and got out right before the robot started to fall. The bunnies ran out of the way of
the falling robot.
   Cap ran back up and looked inside, it said,”Self destruct sequence initiated.” He
yelled,”RUN!!!!” He heard the count down as he was getting out. “5,4,3,2...” all of the
pedestrians ran and so did the bunnies.
  Cap jumped heroically as the robot was exploding. He grabbed the bunnies and said,”We
better get back to the house.” They ran back to the house and got everything back to normal
again. Same old Steve, same old bunnies.

                                                                     The End
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on December 19, 2014