7 minutes in heaven mha

7 minutes in heaven mha

words words fucck you damn words we hate you and you suck a whole lot :)

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Chapter 1.

starting the game

Akira and Toga had the greatest idea to invite everyone over and play 7 minutes in heaven with akira as the victim to choose from the hat.
akira: togaaaaa you're my bestie and all but ahhh i hate you why do i have to be the one to pick out of the hat?
toga: cause ^^ you're way prettier than i am shigiraki defintely produced a hot child
akira: ಠ_ಠ wtf toga?
toga: shut up and start calling everyone!
akira: fine *calls everyone*

*everyone arrives at the mansion*
dabi: why are we here again? (¬_¬ )
shoto: uhhh hey akira
hawks: yeeeeea 7 minutes in heaven!!!
akira: wait hawks? o.o did you overhear someone i didnt call you
hawks: i aint missing an oppurtnity on this game!
akira: ok and hi shoto
akira: *shoots bakugou with a nerf gun* cause i said so asshole
bakugou: -_- bitch
natsuo: this sounds fun
fuyumi: oooh i cant wait!!!
twice: owo

toga took out a large hat and everyone put their own charms in except akira and toga smirked at her best friend
toga: alright bestie time to pick
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