The Gentle Winds Preview

Hi guys! This is a preview for an upcoming romance story in high school. But this is different from the average high school, because this a very different high school. So come join us in Ippan High.

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Chapter 1

“Ah, it’s good to be back.” Takeo brushed back his bangs, and opened his locker. He grabbed his backpack, and once he closed the door, he saw Hikari two inches from his face.
        “Hello, Azayaka-san.” He said as he turned around and started walking away.
        “Oh, come on. That’s all I get? You know we don’t have to be entirely formal.” Hikari was easily the most informal girl in the entirety of Ippan High. She caught up with him in two long strides, and kept pace with him as they walked to class.
        “Very well, Hikari-san.” Takeo said, and Hikari frowned.
        “Always so formal…” She said. Their classrooms were separated by a long hallway, with Takeo having the longer walk. Hikari stopped at the door to Class 1-1.
        “Well, I’ll see you later, Takeo-kun.” Hikari smiled as she opened the door.
        “Yeah, see you…” Takeo began but was bumped into by another person. He turned to see a girl he didn’t quite recognize shyly walking by.
        “Who’s she?” Takeo asked.
        “Umm… I think it’s Yuki Kyōki. She’s a new student here. I led her around school. She shows up early to study, but I gave her a tour of the school, and then she went to the library and studied. It’s said she’s only studying so much to hide a secret.”
Hikari looks around sketchily. “I’m not sure what it is, but people from her school says she always had trouble talking to a guy. But he was confessed to by another girl. She spent a week away from school after that day. I think she’s like that girl in the manga all the otaku read. I’d watch out if I were you.” Hikari opened the door and entered her classroom.
Takeo pondered this as he walked over to his own class. But even though he wanted to believe his friend, another side of him desperately wanted to know more about Yuki Kyōki.
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