Racheal, but Renee

Racheal, but Renee

This story is about a nerdy girl named, Racheal, and her popular twin sister living their lives, until one of them gets cancer

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The Start, but Finish

        "Racheal, I wanna go to the game! Renee yells into Racheal's ear. " Why?!, Games are for people who want to be deaf, plus mom's not here" Racheal says in a low

voice. Renee starts jumping on her bed, messing up her sheets. " Really, your this childish, if you wanted to go to the game so bad, you should ask mom". " Oh, I'm sorry,

mom isn't here" Renee says in a sarcastic voice. "Whatever, you know the deal, be back at 10:00, because mom comes home at 10:30" Racheal says in a serious

tone. "Blah, blah, blah, I already know" Renee says in a rude voice. Renee goes through her bathroom window because the alarm doesn't go off there, Racheal starts to

work on her homework. It's been 2 hours, since 7 and Renee hasn't came home. Nervous, Racheal picks up her phone and calls Renee, she doesn't pick up, so she tries to

text her. Minutes later, Racheal gets a call, but it is from her Mom, she answers. "Hey Mom, what's up?" Racheal says nervously into her phone. Her mom says " Nothing, I

get to get off work early today, because my boss's wife, just had a baby!" Can you believe-" Her mom continues to rant about her boss's baby. As time passes, Racheal

gets off of her phone and it's 9:52. Racheal, panicking she calls Renee, and this time she picks up. " Renee, come home NOW!!!, Mom is getting off early, she is coming at

10:00". "Oh come one, Max just asked me for a movie!" Renee says in an annoyed tone. " Now, Renee".

          As Racheal is still on the phone with Renee, she can hear her talking to Max, she could hear the disappointment in her voice. It's 10:00, and Racheal is making up a

lie, just in case Renee doesn't come home. Seconds later, Renee gets home, sweating and out of breath. As soon as she climbs in, Racheal can smell smoke. "Renee, you

smell like smoke, WERE YOU SMOKING?!" Racheal yells. Before she finishes yelling, her mom walks through the door. Renee jumps into the shower, filling Racheal's room

with the smell of smoke. " Heyyy.... Um, Did one of you burn something?" Their mom says as she walks through the kitchen. "Oh yeah, Renee burnt waffles, because of

course, she can't cook" Racheal says loudly, so that way Renee hears her. Her mom let's out a little chuckle. Their mom walks in Racheal's room and she smells smoke. "

Did she eat the waffles in your room?!" The mom says in a disgusted voice." Yeah, it stinks doesn't it" Racheal continuing to lie. " Where is she?". Racheal says " Oh, she

threw up, from eating the waffles, and it got all over her, so she decided to take a shower". Racheal hears a faint cough from Renee. Racheal, thinking that it meant, to

assure that she was there. " Oh by the way, My friend's son just had a game, and she was wondering if we wanted to go out to celebrate", the mom remembers. " Oh,

sure" Racheal says seeming to be interested. The mom goes into  the living room, and makes a call to her friend. Renee steps out of the shower with a towel wrapped

around her, her hair still wet. " Did I hear something about a game?" Renee says with a smile on her face.
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