Defiance Born

Defiance Born

The World has changed as has the things we all know and understand. People live like they did when the world was just starting to begin its course we now have set it on. This is her lifetime... She lives in a world that only she can save and her name means Pure of Heart...

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Chapter 1.


The world was different once and that world has almost been forgotten. When the Great King attacked the Capital the world was thrown into Chaos. Similar fights on different continents then ensued. When the world had fallen a new order was put in and that was the Order of Loach. The King placed himself on a silver thrown and looked down on the world from his gray tower. He then crowned twenty five Princes to rule provinces within his kingdom. His son the High Prince would sit on the thrown after him and the line would continue. These Princes were supposed to be unconditional loyal to the one who sat on the throne. That tradition has faded and now the Princes grab for territory and favor of the king above all else. Honor has all but disappeared and people are starving.
The next thing he did was destroy the cities and towns. They were to be rebuilt like the middle ages, with wood and straw. If people resisted there entire village would die. His next order was modern clothing was removed and dresses, trousers, suit-coats and such replace them. Fields changed to grow what was needed in the area the were shipments of supplies but it was slow and bothersome. So people adapted to what was given and received.
The biggest order was he removed any rights Woman or none land owning man had. Woman forced to become the housewives they had fought against and were forced to become full time Mothers and Wives.
The last and final thing he did was remove all unnecessary technology like phones and cars and lights. This took the longest and a good half of his reign but when it was complete people settled into silence. Plants took root in the ruins of the old places and names were forgotten as was technology. The old world disappeared and was replaced by what is now called Scrios. It was in this time that I was born and lived. A time were I was to be married who ever was picked for me. Though my family resisted in quiet ways forgotten ways. The world is a scarier place than even you might remember it.
The lives here are sad and lonely but people still find joy. Princes turn blind eyes to certain things that have long been forbidden to advance their own province above the others. My family holds the highest seat and the most valued. My father is the kings best friend and has been since they were children. This kings name is Dall...
My name you ask...
Why its Trina and my father says it means Pure of Heart
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