This story is just a little something Ill post a new chapter every other week by them name of: Broken pt. 1, broken pt. 2, etc.

published on May 10, 201721 reads 11 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


That's me, I'm Thea. I know, you've probably never heard of me. That's because I'm invisible; to you, to my teachers, my parents. They almost never notice me. I'm  unwanted, unneeded. I'm a worthless, useless soul. The teachers don't even notice when Brianna says these things. Except I know they're all true. My parents even forget my name, even once they forgot who I was. That is why I am alone. I miss my old mother, ever since that fire, I have been moving from foster home to foster home.
I'm tired of crying. I'm just plain tired of everything.
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