Nightmare (2)

Nightmare (2)

They told me everything would be ok. They were wrong. It started with nightmares. At the beginning they were my own, but soon I couldn't look at Georgia without seeing her mother bleeding on the floor. No longer could I see Dustin's happy face, but the beaten expression of his father. And Seth...where to begin. Was it that night they took his mother away, or was it his father's laboratories?

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The Beginning

The Beginning

She was an absolutely great liar. Every word that came out of her mouth made complete sense to me even when I did not understand anything.

I can remember her beautiful brown hair flapping in the breeze as she walked me throughout the halls. I see the metal walls cold and strange to my way of thinking. I hurried quickly behind her while she dragged on about something. "You are going to do great. Everything will be perfect." She constantly expressed those same words over and over.

If she was not so hot, I would have already told her to shut up, but I am not the type of girl to just do that to a pretty lady. Oh, what am I kidding I totally was. I should of left. I should of went the other way, but no. I believed her when she called me special. That my purple eyes were not a genetic disorder. I believed her. How stupid was I? I even believed she had food here. This place is so cold no food would dare be around this place.

When we made it to the door, her pale blue eyes glistened at me with excitement. "Now, before we go in, remember to listen to Mr. R, and he will take extra good care of you. I will help you. You will do great." The woman told me with such confidence.

"Wait, before we go in this metal death trap, what is the point of this?" The one question that should of decided my fault and resulted in me leaving but no.

A devilish smile shined on her light brown skin. My heart almost skipped a beat at the beauty. As she brushed my blonde hair out of my face, I felt my pale cheeks fluster. "You were the only one perfect enough for the experiment." She said. Turning around, I heard a bare voice mutter from her mouth saying, "The only one that should survive." I must have been over thinking or nerves got me. No way she just said only one to survive.

Pushing at the door, a bright light shined in my face as I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me inside. I was basically blinded and had no idea what was going on. The cold hand pulled me closer and closer into the bright light as I constantly stumbled my way into the bright light. Is this the moment I can scream don't go into the light? Seems pretty important right now.

When the grip let go, I stumbled to stay on my feet. I heard low voices whispering to each other. I could only hear phrases of what they were saying. "You sure?" "She is young." "She is the only one." "How do we approach this?" "Keep it down." Phrases like those constantly began repeating as I rubbed my eyes.

Finally, my eyes adjusted to the harsh light coming from above. Nothing could prepare me for where I was. Heck, not even I was certain if I should be continuing with what was going on. I was in a lab. Test tubes, chemicals, instruments, needles and anything else surrounded me. A part of me told me to just run out right now, but for some reason a part of me wanted to know the reason I was here. Oh, stop being so curious and run! Need to listen to that me more often.

Circling around to the noises, I found the lady that brought me here standing beside a black skinned man. He was short for his age and appeared to be the main scientist behind the operation before know as Mr. R. When Mr. R turned around to me, I almost fell in the floor in shock. The man behind this whole thing..the man who was about to do some thing to me was my best friend Seth's father. I could remember all the sleepovers we had. All the times his father insisted that Seth was lying about me only liking girls. Those late night horror movies where we would terrify Seth. Mr. Roger saving me from that late night stupid drinking idea. How? Did he plan this?

"Mr. Roger..." I let the words slide off my lips as I sat there in shock. Apparently, I was not the only one. Mr. Roger's jaw was about to drop to the floor as a beat of sweat emerged on his forehead. Mr. Roger always was the type to hate surprises. Seeing me must of been the biggest surprise he has experienced all day.

Glaring at the lady who brought me in her smug expression that insisted she knew I knew who he was, he roared, "You lied to me! You said it would be some orphan girl!" His brown eyes widen after he realized the words that came out of his eyes. She clearly lied to him. I am not orphaned. I have two lovely parents at home who are probably worried to death about me.

Her lips curved in a snake like pattern as she said, "Oh, shhh. You need to watch the words you say, Professor. Now, explain the program."  His fists cringed in anger. What in the world are these people up to? Why is Mr. Roger apart of it? I am so confused.

"Very well. Violet, we have received funding from the government to restart an old project formally known as Project Scarlet. Scarlet is meant to enhance certain elements in the brain. Everything is going to be fine. I have perfected a serum that will achieve this. All you need to know is everything will be ok." Mr. Rogers said with a grim smile. He does not seem too sure on the idea of Project Scarlet, and I have no faith in Project Scarlet. None! I do not even know if this is a good idea! Why would people want to 'enhance' the brain?

"Ok, sir, but why was I chosen? Sounds like you two could use any old girl you found on the street." I suggested crossing my arms. It sounds like this is an absolute bad idea. Why did the first Project Scarlet fail? I wonder if it is still to late to back out of this. At this point, I would love to get called a chicken.

A sigh exploded out of his mouth as he took a quick glance towards the woman. Her smug grin is clearly getting on my nerves. She knows stuff, but I am betting serious money she will not tell me or Mr. Rogers a dang thing. I can not believe I thought she was hot. Stupid. Stupid.

Tapping my foot, Mr. Rogers noticed my agitation as he started saying, "Remember when I went to your school and did all those blood samples to tell your classmates and you your blood types. Well, I did that to multiple schools and kept blood samples from everyone. Each blood sample was tested to the one from the previous Project. Your blood was the only one close to the previous blood sample. That is why you were chosen." His story seemed pretty shaky like he made it up a few hours ago. Something seems fishy about this whole thing.

Slowly, I started sliding towards the door while saying, "Well, I am glad that you guys thought I could help you, but it is getting late. Mom is cooking dinner, and she will be mad if I miss it. It was nice to see you, Mr. Roger. I will stop by tomorrow, and no one will hear about this. Bye!" Looking at the door, I tried hitting the button on the side, but it did not open. Come on, you stupid door! Let me out of the nut house. How does that idiotic saying go? What is it? What is it? Oh, I remember! Ain't nothing got time for this stupid door to not being opening! Yeah, something like that.

"I am afraid you can not leave." The lady smirked towards me with her arms crossed. Her smug expressed changed to anger and annoyance as if this should of been finished by now. The heck she mean I can not leave? When this door opens, I will show her how easy it is to walk out a door. The true meaning of leaving. "You see I have worked hard to get the funding back, find a scientist, and do so much more to get this project working. I can not have a stupid brat like you ruining it. Now, the professor said everything will be ok. You either take the shot with the serum willingly, or I do have body guards who will hold you down." Now, I hate her and the fact I thought she was hot.

"Well, maybe you should not have spent so much time on this? Or you should find someone else? Or I do not know get a life? Maybe that will help you." I added as I noticed Mr. Roger feeling a shot full of light red pink serum.

"Idiot girl. You have no idea what all of this means. What this can do. But, thanks to the professor you will be perfectly fine." Did I mention how much I hate her? Those words seem like they had been rehearsed. I really want to punch her. Mr. Roger walked closer to me as I leaned against the wall almost in protest. Mr. Roger would not do this to me! Hold up, why am I worried about what he will do? I should be hitting myself for being a stupid stranger and following her here?

Mr. Roger appeared generally upset over the idea he was forcing me into this. Raising my t-shirt sleeve, I watched as he walked closer to me with the shot growing closer to me. This is it. Something is going to happen. I closed my eyes remembering all the memories I shared over the years. The fights and make up with my parents, the game night with them, the nights Georgia and me would cuddle all night long, our kisses together, our one year commitment which is coming up must not forget it, spending time with Dustin, Georgia and Seth, and all the other wonderful memories. Rubbing my fingers against the two rings around my fingers, I remembered Georgia giving me one for my birthday and my mother's as a present. Both meant the world to me. I am hoping more than anything in this world that I remember everything. Please let me be ok.

As I remembered all the wonderful memories I shared over the years, I felt the quick pinch in my arm while a burning sensastion filled through my arm. Opening my eyes, I show the words 'I am sorry' being mouthed from Mr. Roger's lips. A part of me knew something bad was going to happen to me, but I believed them. I constantly reminded myself everything will be ok. I will be perfectly ok. I will beat this.

That is when it started. The beating headache. The red vision. Then, just as I felt my hands growing numb, and my stomach riding a roller coaster. I felt different. Something happened. Why did I feel this way? The headache surrounded around the entire surface of my head. I felt like someone was constantly hitting me in the head with a baseball pat or a metal pipe. Either one I am sure is just as painful. But, I had to remember just a few words.

I am going to be ok.

Then, everything went dark as I felt my body crashing to the ground of this cruel world..The one day everything changed...
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