Mha and fnaf crossover

Mha and fnaf crossover

Yes I'm doing this but technically it's just the mha reactions to fnaf

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Chapter 1.

Fnaf 1 reactions! Part 1

(Also I'm just gonna say that my oc has been here before so she's showing everyone and of course she learned about it)
Akira had dragged everyone to a place called freddy fazbears pizzeria, everyone was confused but they looked around.
Bakugou: what the hell is this place it looks awful!
Deku: kacchan! Be nice!
Bakugou: shut up deku!
Akira: both of you shut up before i shove salt down your throat! Anyways the animatronics ^^

Akira stood in front of Freddy
Dabi: can i burn this place? >.>
Akira: no! Wtf dabi? Are you scared?
Dabi: n-n-no!
Akira: ha! Interesting
Dabi: i hate you....

Ochaco: who's that?
Akira: freddy fazbear the leader
Ochaco: oh! Like dekus pretty much our leader?
Deku: o.o
Akira: i... Guess?...
Ochaco: oooh that's cool!

Bakugou: I'll bash its damn head in!!
Akira: baku no!
Bakugou: why not? >.>
Akira: cause were in a different world and I'll give you a kiss later
Bakugou: ...fine...

After introducing the animatronics akira brought them into the office and had each of them spend a night with her.

Night 1 Dabi
Dabi: *snirking at akira*
Akira: dabi i advise you watch the cameras not me
Dabi: why? They're just animatronics little mouse~ they can't do anything
Akira: *shoves the ipad into his face and bonnie has moved*
Dabi: o.o where the fck is that rabbit?!?!
Akira: check the door
Dabi: *checks the door and screams quickly closing it*
Akira: dabi... Screaming... Wish i could have recorded that *snickers*
Dabi: s-shut up! What the hell is wrong with these things they remind me of endeavor!
Akira: pffft  
And dabi was pretty much calm for the rest of the night considering he was with akira >.>
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