video games x reader one-shots

video games x reader one-shots obviously. recommend anything because I am not good at thinking

published on July 13, 201811 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


i am very forgetful and if i forget about this pease tell me and also if you have any requests i will hapaly do them also im only nine so im not good at spelling. i will do my first chapter when my first request also school holadays is over soon so i will uploud after school.

key: Y/n = your name

key: A/n = a note

key: h/n = hair langth

key: h/c = hair corlor

key: l/n = last name

key: f/c = fav corler

key: s/f/c = second fav corler
now im gona say hi alot

hi hi hi hi hi hi
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