Undertale - A New Beginning

Undertale - A New Beginning

hey guys this is my first story and it's somewhat a crossover from assassin's creed and the main character is my oc and he is an assassin furry and i hope i don't offend any undertale fans because i haven't played the game so don't leave hate comments and i hope you guys enjoy

published on March 31, 201761 reads 18 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


I wake up lying on some flowers and with a huge headache and my fur flowed in the underground wind and i was staring at where I fell from. After a few minutes the headache eases and I get up and look around and see nothing but ruins. I get up and walk down a path, I manage to walk a few feet with my tail swaying to keep balance before collapsing and when I try and get back up I feel a set of hands help me up and say "You've fallen haven't you, you don't look human either.".
I look to face whoever is helping me and I see a goat wearing a purple dress with some markings on it. She looks at me and says "Hello there, my name is Toriel, who are you?". I say my name, "A-Amaze, Amaze Stark.". Toriel gives me a look and puts my arm around her and helps me through the ruins to her home.
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hey guys please leave comments on what y'all think of the story so i know if i should continue it
on April 03, 2017