teardrop part 8

teardrop part 8

last chapter veronicas dead, nathaniels pissed, mikayla helped kill nathaniels parents oh how i love stories

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i stood there looking at veronicas dead body i was full of grief i then i heard police sirens then the leader said we are done here i looked at him and said i will kill you he laughed not before i do he shot his gun i had a sharp pain in my chest i looked and it was bleeding i looked at him and said go to hell...
then everything went black i heard a man he said we found to bodies looks like they were murdered i coughed out blood  another man said chief look this one is still alive! how did this boy survive a gunshot wound there is no bullet proof vest he said call an ambulance then every thing went white i heard sirens and cars i to open my eyes but i couldn't do it then i woke up in a hospital bed i tried to get up but it hurt so i lied down then the nurse came in and she gasped then ran like she had never seen a man before then the doctor came in he looked at me and he said how are you feeling i said how long till i can walk again he said 2 weeks left i said then thats when i tell you how im feeling wait two weeks left he looked disturbed and he said do you know how long you were out i said no he said over two months  i said over a gunshot wound?! no you had worse you suffered a miled coma on the way to the hospital i looked and said well that explains how i have a headache... he said you have someone who wants to talk to you in private we will leave then when they left the door opened it was mikayla i glared at her and said get out... she said no we need to talk i said no she said i want to help you to make up for what i did i yelled at her and said you think helping me would repay for what you did to my parents! she just stood there and said no because i i... i looked at her and saw tears dripping down her cheeks i felt bad inside and i heard her crying inside i looked at her again and said mikayla.... dont cry im sorry i let my anger take advantage of me i tried to get up but it hurt i ignored the pain and i gave her a hug and i felt my shoulder wet from her tears and she looked at me i said to her and said i know wy you came here you cant do it she looked at me and she dropped the gun and ran towards me and gave me a tight hg i hugged her back and said im sorry.....
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