The Faries And Me!!

The Faries And Me!!

It's about true faries and they found houses and i see them and i say faries are true and i play with then and have fun and then in the winter the faires die because of the cold and the lttle girl thats me was sad.

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The Faries And Me!!

The Faries And Me!!

Once a upon a time they were 6 faries in a tiny village. There names were candy, friendly, crystal, sliver, bloosm and star. They  were best friends when they were little. After a while the 6 faires were lost in a dark forest they find these houses they went inside the house and saw a beautiful little girl sittng in a corrage inside the house she was a quite, cheerful and friendly little gir.The little girls name was Sangeetha. One day Sangeetha saw the 6 faries eating blueberries the little girl was sooo scared she push the table and then the faries fell. And the faries sad ''don't worry we won't hrut you Human'' the little girl said '' my name is Sangeetha''  i live in this dark old creepy forest. The little girls father came in the house and the little girl said '' QUICK GO HIDE SOMEWHERE''. The father said '' were you talking to me'' and Sangeetha said '' no father''. The Father said Good Nght go to sleep and the little girl said ''okay father''. And the little girl woke up it was the morning and the season was Winter so the little girl said '' YA it's winter''. The little girl went down stairs to the living room and said '' oh little faires come out where ever you are'' they didn't came so the little girl was finding the faires she couldn't sp she went outside and so them laying on the snow but she sad '' are they dead''  she was crying sooo prooly. Then she was diging up the snow and bring the faries and said '' Faires i hope you see me soon with this deadly days''.

The End!!!

By: Sangeetha Selvachandran
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I hope you injoy my story guys please follow me
on February 18, 2013