American Marriage

American Marriage

There was a man that love to get married he got married more than 24 times he look like he came from Etheope

published on February 16, 201322 reads 11 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
Life With Kalisha

Life With Kalisha

There was this boy name Emontavious that Kalisha met during while she was in school he gave her money alot.
There was this 12 time where Emontavious messed up and that was by hitting up with his ex girlfriend .There was alot of things that they discussed about before. One day he had to do a interview with his ex. Kalisha seen him kiss her then she said O M G  I belive this she snapped a picture then she printed the pictures then .Emontavious got home. Kalisha said where wa syou beside with the director for hosting the show. He said with me ex girlfriend then Kalisha said did y'all do anything with her? He said no . Kalisha took out the picture and tgen she started fussing.
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You should choose another title for your story... Anyways it was ok
on August 16, 2013