Keepers: Keepers of the Forest

Keepers: Keepers of the Forest

The tribes in new california are really not going well. It's time for young Thunderclaw to take action before all the tribes are destroyed.

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Chapter 1.


A long time ago, There were 2 Clans. Sun Clan and Moon Clan. The fought and fought and fought and lots of cat blood was spilled, until on night the long dead of these clans came to them and said an omen. “Together or death.” One of the cats thought about the omen and then they had a clans meeting. The cat who figured it out was the leader of her clan, Moon Clan. Her name was Bluesun she spoke up and said, “If we keep fighting we will all die, But if we keep together we will form tribes we will live.” It was silent at first but then 7 cats spoke up “Together we can swim and catch fish. We will be the Tribe of Water.” Then 7 other cat stood up and said, “We are the fast, heat proof cats. We will make the Tribe of Air.” Then an other seven came up but only one spoke. “We can climb mountains and walk on rocks without getting hurt. We will be the Tribe of Mountains.” Then a group of six came up with two speaking. “We can survive the hot without problems and climb trees is a piece of prey. we will be the Tribe of Fire.” Then Bluesun spoke up. “I am just as good as the fire tribe I will join them.” Then she also rang out. “Fire Tribe will live in the pine forest. Water tribe will live in the river rain forests. Mountain tribe will live in the mountains. Finally the air tribe will live in the desert. We will worship our ancestors tribe called the Tribe of Never Ending Stars and we will join them if we die. We will fight with our lives for our tribes. Our tribes will each have, one ruler, one deputy, as many fighters as possible, as many middle kitt’s as possible and as many kitt’s as possible. We will have a meeting here every thirty moons and when a ruler dies the deputy becomes the ruler and choses a new deputy by star filled sky. the fighters will be called keepers as in the keepers of the east of New California” After the meeting the cats went in their groups and went to their territory. As time went by the Tribes evolved having the codes of peace.The codes of peace was the code tribes had to follow at the meetings. A long time the tribes had lived and they were working and all the seasons, hot, medium and cold they survived until one prophecy had to come into place for the tribes to unit to take away and beat darkness for ever...
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