Stranger In Apartment 4 (Zayn Malik Story)

Stranger In Apartment 4 (Zayn Malik Story)

Find out what happens when a stranger and an old friend arrives at Keri’s apartment. Some parts may be intense for most readers and most of it won’t. Hope u like it. “What are you doing here?” Keri asks nervously. “I’m your new neighbor. I was sent here to look after you.” The stranger responds looking at her. “Who sent you here?” Keri asks. “Your parents, please don’t get mad. I’m your brother.” He replies. “Really? Then why my parents send you hear and why don’t I know you?” Keri asks as the man looks in her eyes, “Can I step inside so we can talk please, it’s important that no one can know?” He asks still looking at her calmly. “Sure.” Keri shrugs opening the apartment door for him.

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Opening Chapter (1)

Keri's Pov-

It was a cold winter afternoon working at Nando's restaurant; my boss instructed me to do a double. 10 am to 10 pm. After helping the customers with their orders and serving the food 5 guys entered the restaurant. One behind the other, as I cleaned the table. I really needed this job since I was living by myself and I desperately needed the money or else my landlord would kick me out the apartment if I payed rent late AGAIN. "Hello, welcome to Nando's how may I serve you today?" I greeted as I walked over towards the boys planting a smile on my face. "Ello, I'm Niall and the lads and I are here to grab lunch." Niall greeted. "Nice to meet you Niall, I'm Keri, I'll be your server today." I replied as I helped the boys to their table. Niall and the boys grabbed their seat as I handed their menu's. One of the boys stood out as the mysterious, quiet one. "Can I start you off with something to drink?" I asked. "Uh, sure. May I get 4 beers and one bottle of water?" Niall ordered. "Sure, I'll be right back with your drinks." I smiled politely. "She's cute lad, go talk to her." The curly haired British sandy haired boy replied as I overheard standing next to the bar pouring the boys beer.

Niall's Pov-
"You think I should?" I asked. "Go for it." Harry responded. "What if she has a boyfriend?" I asked. "Well, the only thing you can do is ask." Harry responded. "She is nice, and I would hope she doesn't have a boyfriend." I replied. "Well go talk to her and find out." Louis replied taking his coat off putting it in the seat.  I nodded as I carefully got up walking over towards our waiter, "Is everything ok?" Keri asked. "Everything's fine, I was wondering if you weren't doing anything after work?" I asked. "Well, I wasn't until you asked. I work from 10 to 10." Keri responded. "Ace!" I smiled and winked at Keri. "What does that mean?" Keri asked. "It means great, or swell." I responded. "Ok, I would really like to go out with you." Keri smiled. "Lovely, so I'll pick you up or you can meet me here?" I asked. "I'll be here." Keri responded. "Ok, I'll let you get to work then." I smiled. "Sure." Keri replied going back to work as I dashed off to my seat with a huge smile on my face.
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Comments (2)

I probably have said this to every single story but MORE!!!
on August 01, 2013
Love the story. Please write more!
on February 11, 2013