Before They Were a Couple (A Switched @ Birth Story)

Here's my first Switched @ Birth love story. Those of you may know the show on ABC Family; but what happens when Emmett wants to go back with Daphne and go on prom instead of choosing Bay Kennish? Find out what happens.

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Before They Were a Couple (A Switched @ Birth Story)
Strangers Become Friends

Strangers Become Friends

Daphne's Pov-

My parents were doing a charity dance event and that's when I noticed that Bay was sitting down on one of the benches in her white off the shoulder dress. "Hey, are you alright?" I signed. "You know, I thought Ty was going to be here but he turned me down." Bay signed looking up from brushing her dress off. "Listen to me, you're going to find that special someone just like I will. Your time will come." I signed sitting next to my sister Bay. "I know, it's just that I was really looking forward seeing him come." Bay signed. "Bay, all guys say they're going to do something, maybe Ty had other plans." I signed. "Daphne, this is important for both of our parents, I hope you're not taking side?" Bay signed questioning. "Bay, I'm not taking sides, what made you think that?" I signed wondering what was going on in that head of hers. "Telling me that Ty has something else to do then be here with us, Ty is one of the sweetest guys and you don't even know him like I do." Bay signed quickly getting angry as she stood up walking away. What just happen, I began to question myself by being honest to Bay, I know it's going to hurt Bay by telling her the truth; but, it shouldn't turn into a big deal. I looked over in the direction that Bay left giving a sad sympathetic look as she walked off going back into the dance hall. "Hey, are you ok?" A guy signed walking up to me with orange/reddish hair. "My sister and I just having a little problem that's all." I signed sitting back on the bench. "Was it bad?" He signed sitting down beside me. "Not that bad; but, it's just a guy problem. I told her the truth and she's upset." I signed. "Mind sharing what happened? By the way, I'm Emmett." Emmett signed. "I'm Daphne, and sure I don't mind." I signed. "Ok." Emmett smiled waiting for me to tell him what happen. "Hmm, from what you just told me, sounds like this Ty person is a jerk. I'm sure your sister will understand." Emmett signed. "I hope so, I just don't want her to be mad at me." I sighed. "Try talking to her again." Emmett signed. "I will, it's just she's hard headed." I sighed while looking up in Ty's direction seeing that he was dancing with another girl. "That's Ty, I can't believe he would do this to Bay." I signed furiously getting up as Emmett gently pushed me back down on the bench. "That's only going to cause trouble, tell Bay what you just saw and let her take it from there." Emmett signed. "You don't think she's going to be more upset do you?" I signed. "Well, of course she's going to be upset; but, at least Bay will know that you were trying to help her." Emmett signed. "Thanks Emmett, I hope Bay understands." I signed hugging Emmett. From this point on I knew Emmett and I were going to my friend for a while. I just had to tell Bay what just happen.
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i love switched at birth!!!!
on April 01, 2014