love at first sight

love at first sight

this about a wolf name star she just moved to a new town and she part wolf she meets a neko named daredavil and she falls in love with him. star's info name:star age 16 she will not let the war bring her down she will proket her friennds and faimy she let you hurt her or any one

published on February 07, 201322 reads 20 readers 4 completed
my new life at a new town

my new life at a new town

ok so i hared mom and dad takin about leting me go on my own
this howl it want. honey she ared 16teen we have to let her go but she our duger
i know  but..i gut her of by saying hi mom hi dad i huged my dad  and mom
sweet haert hum mom  i said well howl wouled like to live on your own i i.. its ok if you want my dad shot my mom a dirty look

ok its finie said so want to my room. to pack   yay isaid want down sites the bus was out side. waking for me  
its it i said i looked back and saw my mom huging dad  she was cring and leand her heand on dad dad waved bye i weved back he shut the door i want on the bus i cout howl many peeps were on the bus i looked eyes with of them he smark i looked away and seant
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Comments (4)

Uh had to try translate it before I could read it but good story
on February 02, 2014
This is good write more but spelling needs to improve
on May 21, 2013
It's got bad spelling but it's ok
on April 10, 2013
hey any one rp in the story with me
on February 11, 2013