Guiron Vs Knifehead

Guiron Vs Knifehead

The Fight To The Death Between, Guiron, The Giant Space Destroyer, And Knifehead, The Killer Kreature!

published on November 30, 20154 reads 1 reader 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Guiron Stats

Guiron Stats

Guiron Is A Knife Alien Found On Planet Terran. He Protects THE Terrans As Their "Guard Dog" He Is An Experienced Fighter As He Has Fought And Killed All But One Space Gyaos. And There Was A LOT Of Space Gyaos. His Most Notable Ability Is The REALLY Sharp Knife On His Head, Which Can Slice Through Anything, Even Hard Bedrock. He Has Four Shurikens Which He Control Telepathically. Aside From That, He Also Has A Quick Scratch That He Uses To Distract Enemies. Also, Despite His Bulky Appearance, He Is Extremely Agile In Battle. In Conclusion, Guiron Is A Tank, Agile, And Powerful, But Doesn't Have That Much Attacks.
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