How James came to be Harry Potter's Dad

How James came to be Harry Potter's Dad

But Lily hated James with a passion, why did she end up marrying him and having a SON!

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Chapter 1.


It was a warm, spring day when Lily Evans woke up in her Gryffindor dormitory. As she headed down to breakfast, she saw James Potter and his best mate Sirius Black, hooning down the corridor, Peter Pettigrew following behind. She heard a yelp as they caught up to Severus 'Snivellus' Snape. Snape had been her only friend when she'd come to Hogwarts, but he had been sorted into Slytherin, and Gryffindor and Slytherin were sworn, enemies. 'I better go help him' she thought. Hurrying down the corridor, she saw Severus hanging upside down by his ankle. "James! Put him down now!!!" "Why Evans. Like him do you". Face burning with anger, Lily turned her back on James and Sirius and walked haughtily into the Great Hall for breakfast.

"You know, maybe you went a bit too far," Sirius said to James as they ran down the sloping lawns to Herbology. "Just because you're jealous she likes old Snivellus more than she likes you" "I'm not jealous!" James interrupted him "Why would I be jealous?" Sirius sighed and shook his handsome head of hair as they entered Greenhouse 1. Professor Sprout had set them the difficult task of repotting Mandrakes, so Sirius and James had no time to talk to each other, seeing as they had to wear fluffy earmuffs so they weren't harmed by the Mandrake's screams. Back in the Gryffindor common room, Lily could be seen hurriedly to Severus, no doubt asking him what happened that morning. She jumped when she heard Sirius's voice whisper "Lily" in her ear. "What?" was the whispered reply. "Sorry about what happened earlier, with Snivel-" "Don't call him that!" "Sorry, sorry, Severus" he muttered, wilting under her mutinous glare. "James really likes you you know." "WHAT!! Well, you can tell him I don't see anything in him the filthy little - little" she stammered, trying to find a word to describe James. "OK, OK calm down," he laughed, before hurriedly excusing himself, James had just entered the room.
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This is just....
Why did I read this?
on August 26, 2017
Comment new Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories you think I should write after I've finished this one
on August 24, 2017