Black Rose's Beginning (Continued Even More)

This is another continuation of Black Roses Story. From here on the title of the rest of the series will be "BR: Title Goes Here." Thank you, and happy reading!😜

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Chapter 1.

The Scare

Ticci Toby brung down his hatchet. The girl tried to escape, but she was held down by Jeff and Black Rose. She then went still as a rag doll. They started to head outside, but Rose stopped. "Wait! EJ's running low on kidneys and I'm low on flesh. Come on!" Jeff groaned. "You two and flesh." What is with you?" Toby smiled. "Hey, don't be a hater because we like flesh and you don't." Jeff smiled. "Okay!" He put his hands up in surrender. "I'm kinda jealous. I guess." Black Rose laughed. Then she gasped.
"EJ's already been to this house. His mark is here." Jeff fake gasped. "Oh, dear! EJ won't get two kidneys." Rose looked at them, annoyed.  They fell on the floor, laughing. "Your... face... it's was so funny!" Jeff choked out. Black Rose bent down, putting the knife at his neck. "Hilarious." She looked outside. "Jeff, it's late..." She trailed off. Jeff got up. "We have to run." Black Rose's balck hair sparkled in the moonlight. "Come on, you two." They laughed, trying not to.
They ran out, and Jeff was next to her. Her hood fell off. "Dang it! I'll fix it when we get home." Jeff and Hoodie laughed. "Your hair is so pretty." "Thanks." Black Rose gasped out to Jeff. They got to the Forest. Then they heard a scream. Rose covered Toby's mouth. "Get down and stay quiet." He nodded. She let her hand off of his kouth, and they got down. Staying close to the ground, she saw Slendy. He was chasing a little girl. The girl looked at him, and he froze.
She ran again, and he turned to them. "Run inside, now." He said. She nodded. "Run inside you two. I'll be right behind you." They ran inside, and she went to a bush. "Micheal? Is that you?" He came out of the bush. "I missed you! Are you okay?" She nodded. "You left me." He nodded, and kissed her. "I'll make it up to you." Rose shook her head. "It's too late for that." He gasped. "I see, I-" His heart stopped. The knife had plunged into his heart. "No, you don't." Micheal fell. She went inside.
Jane went into the house, almost in tears. Jane went up to her. "You okay?" Black Rose nodded. "Yeah. I just need some time." Jane backed off. Rose went into her room, and landed on the bed. She sobbed. EJ knocked. "Hey." He came in, and closed the door. "I'm alone, don't worry about the others. We're all worried. What going on?" He sat down on the bed next to her. She dried her tears. "Is this what it feels like to leave your mortal life?"
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