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This is a temp description that will be added as soon as I get a good idea on what I want to write.

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Chapter 1.

Ideas List

The idea I have for this story is one set in a medieval-ish environment where different species of human exist, and inter breed. Though there are other species that look extremely similar to humans, and have the features of animals from modern day. The species often is dependent on the local area. The thing about this world is that it is actually post apocalyptic in a sense. The world as the future knew it fell apart, and something caused us to go back in ideologies, technologies, and stuff. Troops wage wars with swords, maces, spears, and bows in this new future. Anything from the past (Our future) has been destroyed due to unknown reasons, and only legends of what the world was like before remain.

The Underground (Have tech from our time)(Live in a mountain, cliffside, or something) (Power hungry maybe?)
Yogslav Empire (Decent, imperialistic Empire)
Punam Empire (Somewhat Racists Empire-towards non-pure humans)

Border Towns
KonigsVille (A plains town) (Mixed town of human, animal people on the border of the Underground)
GrayScale (A coastal town near the border of Yogslav territory) (Mixture of races)

Well, as I said previously, the races are incredibly varied and mixed. Though there is a basic list I can make here showing in the most basic form, different species.
Pure Humans (Regular Humans) - Inter-Human (A human with some characteristic of an animal due to inter mingling between a human and a Anthro) - Anthro
The anthros are simply their name, anthropomorphic beings, they are the same as humans, but vary as well due to the characteristics of the base animal species they are. Take a German Shepard Antrho for example, they will have a fur coat colored in the same pattern as the dog, an enlarged head of the dog, padding on their appendages, and so on. To add, that specific species would more easily make strong alliances, and can easlily learn things from others. Also, they will have hearing and smell like a German Shepard.

Now, here comes the much harder race to describe/make up. So, they vary even wider than the Anthros or Humans since they are half and half. Depending on who is the mother or father gives the child most of their looks. By this I mean if it's an Anthro mother with a human father, then the child will look like an Anthro for the most part, maybe with less fur and no padding, I don't know. But with a human mother and Anthro father, the opposite is said, but the child may adopt some things like the father's ears, a tail, even a light fur coat. Sometimes they just look completely normal on one side of their family, but that's dependant on the family.
That's the basics of the races done... Now for the characters!


Thick black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, average height,
Light blue clothe shirt, brown pants, cheap boots, a dagger
One younger sister, one younger brother
No job
Has a lot of skills, but no ambition to work.
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