Smart Aleck Is Here Again... (Tsukishima x Reader)

Smart Aleck Is Here Again... (Tsukishima x Reader)

Im only going to write only 1 chapter here , if you like the story , that's great! You can read more of this in my Quot(e)v account and my wattp(a)d account , its the same username I have here. So I hope you like this chapter.

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Restationed And This Happens.....

Restationed And This Happens.....

"My name is Y/N L/N. I used to live in (Insert you country name) , but my parents got a good job in Miyagi Prefecture , Japan so we move there. We had to learn Japanese for 2 whole years. It was really hard at first , but when I practice more and more , I got good at it and when I mean good at it , I mean not really good at it. Im average right now. My parents still wanted me to get an education so they put me in a school called Karasuno High , luckily I have a best internet friend who lives in that city and goes to that school. Her name is Hikaru Akiyama or as known as @Hikaru_overdose. She texted me that she was going to meet me with her friends in the hallways of the school."

The Alarm clock starts to turn on. "5 more minutes...". You hear big loud steps getting closer and closer. "Y/N!! Wake the hell up already! , you're 5 minutes late!"

Mom starts screaming at you. "Sorry mom , can you take me?"

"Well hurry up then!"

I get dress up in my uniform and I toast bread and then I go inside of the car.

"Got your seat belt on?"

"Yup" .

Mom starts driving me to school. As my mom is taking me , I look threw the window. I see students crossing roads and talking to friends.

"It's looks like Im not late mom"

"Oh your not. It's just because I didn't want you to be those main cartoon characters that in their first day of school they'll be late and make a dramatic scene"
"Oh" . They arrived at the school , Karasuno High. "Have a nice day sweetie!" "Bye Mom" . As she left , you saw the school , big and a lot of classrooms.

As you walked inside in school , there was a lot of people that you didn't know , obviously , but when you walked more , you saw your best , well best internet friend , Hikaru Akiyama. You known her on Instagram for like 2 years or so. When you mentioned you were moving to Miyagi , she got really excited and wanted to see you at school , but you didn't knew what school you were going in that time and maybe a coincidence , your parents picked that school for you. You were running up to her , until you bump in into a tall and blonde guy.

"Im so sorry!!"

"You shouldn't be running when Im passing here little girl"

"Geez I said I was sorry"

"Now look at the mess you did"

"What mess I might asked"

He on purposely drops his notebooks purposely. "Umm...Tsukki?" said a guy with freckles shyly "What it is now?" "Aren't you being to mean to her?" "Im not , im just teaching her that she can't run when im walking on the same hall" "I should teach you how to not be a dick to other people"

"Pick my notebooks up , and hurry up class is almost starting"

"Well im sorry , my hand hurting so I might take about 2 hours to pick those up"

"Im not here to play games , so HURRY UP AND PICK THOSE UP!!"

You were getting pissed at him. You were so pissed at him , you wanted to punch him so bad , but you just couldn't , instead you pick those notebooks and gave it to him in range. The bell rang. "Looks like we better go , you don't want to miss class don't you?". You just ignore him and left in sight. You took out a paper that said which class you were in "It says.... Year 1 Class 4 , go to the right and then left and straight forward , okay" You put the paper away and went to the class you were assign to.

When you knock the door and then open the door. Everyone look at you; you ignore it , but at the same time you couldn't.
"Ah , you must be the new student"

"Yes I am."

"Well I am Ms. Akimine , your teacher."

"Nice to meet you , im Y/N"

"Why you don't introduce yourself to the classroom , Class this is your new student , Y/N".

Everyone stared at you. You were kinda scared. "Hello , im Y/N L/N , im from (Insert your country name) and I still have trouble Japanese"
"We are glad to have a transferred student that is from another country! , let me see can sit...." M.s Akimine is looking for a empty desk for you. "Ah! over there , right next to Tsukishima , the guy the blonde hair". After you turned around , he made a smirk at you. You wanted to the tell the teacher if there was another empty seat , but at the same time you didn't wanted to be mean , so you sat next to the guy.

"Alright class , please go to page 36 on your math book" .

Meanwhile you were paying attencion to the teacher , he pokes at your shoulder.

"Do you have a line paper that I could borrow?"
"Sure". You gave him the line paper. "Thanks". When you paying to the teacher again , that blondie spits at you a wet paper " "Why the hell you did that?". You were going to throw him a extra pencil you had , but then

"Alright class , whoever you're sitting next to is your partner" . You frozed when she said that. "Wait who's my partner , the guy with the glasses or the guy that is chewing gum...." you were thinking about it , until the blondie said "It looks like were partners" "What about the guy with freckles you sit next to?" "He already has a partner". "Alright , you and your partner pick which topic that relates to math , whoever explains their topic well , wins a 2 day trip to Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium. You have 3 days to finish it."  Everyone got kind of excited when she said that. "Over there is beautiful!" "We have to win" . People were talking about it.


When you were outside , you got a text from Hikaru. "Hey I see you . See me waving my hand?". You see someone waving a hand. You see Hikaru for the first time in real life. "Hikaru!!". You ran up to her and you hug her tightly.

"Y/N!! I can't believe that you're actually here!"

"I can't believe it either"

"Oh let me introduce you to my friends , She is Kazakura Imai and she is Maiko Sugihara; Kaza-chan , Maiko-chan she is Y/N , the person that I would talk about mostly everyday"

"Hello! , you can call me Kaza-chan"

"And you can call me Maiko".Both of them smiled.

"Hi! you can call me however you want"

"So you want to go at Pizza Hut with us? , we pay" Hikaru ask you.

"Seriously , let me pay"

"After you came to Japan?! , let me pay"

"Are you sure? It's because I always feel guilty when someone buys something for me"
"Just remember , whenever I buy something for you , im still happy". You smiled. "What are we waiting for? , let's go!" Kozakura said. When you guys starting walking someone grabs you from the wrist.

"Im sorry girls , but her and I have plans." You look who's back of you and you saw that Blondie again.

"Oh Y/N , you made a boyfriend already? ~" Hikaru asks you in your ear.

"We need to finish our math project. She can hang out with her tomorrow" "You better mean that Tsukishima because we need to show her places" "Fine , Y/N let's go" "Okay-y". He let's go of your wrist. "Follow me" "Okay...." . When he starts walking , you look back your new friends. Hikaru points at her phone and points at you . You gave her a thumbs up. Hey , let's get going" Tsukishima tells you. "Can't you wait?". You wave at your friends and you start walking.
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