A werewolf that in love with a werecat

A werewolf that in love with a werecat

The long war between two species who had wrath towards the two kingdoms. Within the midest of the war, two from each side show affection, and a possible way to end the long year war. Alex, of the Palace of werecats and Nick of the Werewolf Pack Kingdom come together in this tragic romeo and juliet story.

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Chapter 1.

The plague

Shadow pvo

        Moon!   As I saw her fall to her death in my mind what could I do to save her. Then I remember that I can teleport. I teleport just at the right time to save her from the fall. I look up at the cliff where everybody was still fighting.

Moon pov

        As I herd Shadow said my name as I fall to my death. As I fall looking back of memoirs of me and Shadow together in are favorite spot that no one know about. Just then I stop falling I look around then Shadow was holding me in his amry. I look at him how did he git down here from up there.

Shadow pvo

    She look at me with her eyes like how did he do that what just happen. I put her down we had back up there then I call to the pack  to fall back. As we fall back I knew that they will come back soon but when. As we made it back home I take Moon to tell her how some thing about me.

Moon pvo

Shadow take me to are favorite spot on the way he told me that he can teleport and used fire to help him win fight and more.

No one pvo

8 year later Moon and Shadow had a son they name him Nick. Nick lean fast as he become old.

On the other side the lead of Palace of werecats rescue Alex when when was six year from mankind  and adopted.

The end of plague
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