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This is a compilation of all the characters I've created, and the RP's we've done. However, the order in which they're displayed is not the order by which I created/joined them. Here's to looking back at old times, with old friends. I'll try to include as many details as I can remember about each character/page, so bear with me if I forget a few things. Time has a funny way of making it hard to remember everything! Without further ado, let's delve into the past...

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Zombie Apocalypse RP (ZA RP)

Zombie Apocalypse RP (ZA RP)

This seemed like the best starting point, since...well, it was the first page I ever made a major contribution to. A few facts that I should probably get out of the way first: Although this was indeed my idea, I didn't create the page, since I had no idea at the time how to make pages on Qfeast! I based the town that the ZA RP took place in off of my hometown of Northumberland and Sunbury, Pennsylvania. The major locals of the ZA RP were: The High School, The Dead Factory, The Gun Store, The Hospital, The Car Dealership, and The City. Although any of the members of this page can attest to how dearly we loved this page, it wasn't ever finished...thanks to...outside influence... Anyway, please note the legend following this to keep things straight!

Tossedwhisper4: Quincy, Madeline, Sebastian, Justin
Elleyd: Clark, Kylee, Lavender, Tobi
BalletBear: Danny, Annie, Jack
FandomLover: Rosy, Ember, William, Cynthia, Xavier, Luke
DragonLance103: Levi, Emily, Brandon, Ryaan, Lindsey, Zach, Mark, David, Payton, Kyle, Sarah, Larry
Animepup: Diana

Summary of Plot (bear with me, this page was SOO long, this'll be hard to do!):

- The page starts out with Emily and Madeline at the bust stop, with Madeline being new to the school.
- On the bus, we meet Levi, Quincy, and Brandon --> early signs of the infection showing, though no one notices.
- The bus driver is killed by zombies, and Emily takes the wheel, getting them all to the school.
- Making a mad dash for the school, they all make it safely, thanks to Levi carrying his handgun.
- Spending the night at the school, they find a girl named Rosy, who is shy, and keeps to herself for the most part, and nominate Levi as the leader.
- The next morning, the group leaves the school, only to meet Clark and his baby girl Lavender in a vehicle outside.
- They travel to the Dead Factory, since it was located on the outskirts of town and was supposedly abandoned.
- After safely making it inside, they explore the area, meeting Zach for the first time, although they didn't know it at the time.
- Spending the night in their new home, Emily bonds with Clark through his daughter, and we learn of his missing wife.
- Over the course of the next few days, Levi orders supply runs to: The Grocery Store and The Gun Store.
- Gathering food from The Grocery Store, the task was mainly successful, however Brandon was injured and ended up turning, causing conflict.
- At the Gun Store, a bandit gang, consisting of David, Mark, and Lars (I think that was his name XD), attacked Levi, Rosy, Emily, and Kylee.
- Levi ends up saving them with Mark's help, but Emily doesn't get so lucky. (she was ah...assaulted...)
- Getting back to the Dead Factory, they are forced to make a quick leave, since zombies attacked in hordes.
- They end up spending the night in the trees of a forest, and Levi makes a move on Rosy, and fails epically. (laugh it up Fandom XD)
- Cynthia and Xavier make a quick pass by, neither sticking around, but both hating Rosy apparently.
- The next day, they visited The Car Dealership, and got a ride to head to The Hospital --> Clark was attacked and stayed behind.
- At The Hospital, they meet a woman caring for a young child, whom turned out to be Ryaan and Tobi.
- "Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley" (yes, this really does deserve it's own bullet point!)
- Annie and Jack make their appearance, talking about soldiers and train tracks (found by Danny).
- Demoralized, the team finds out that Ryaan is Clark's wife, and return Lavender, however Clark makes a miraculous return in the night.
- Over the course of the next few days, relationships start to spring up, most notably: Levi+Rosy, Emily+Danny, and Quincy+Madeline (thanks Ryaan!)
- Danny almost commits suicide, but is stopped by Tobi and Emily --> Tobi is killed.
- Rosy breaks her promise, and runs off (yet again...), causing Levi and friends to search for her --> Levi breaks his leg, and Rosy ends up infected.

I put a pause in here in the memory of a situation that almost ruined what has become a close knit family I have on Qfeast. As much as we'd like to forget this part of the story, a horrible argument broke out of the death of Rosy. Thankfully, we were able to settle our differences, and put our friendship above a mistake made by one of our group.

- Learning of Rosy's death, Levi falls into a spiraling depression, leaving the group leaderless for a day (or two) as he recovered from his injuries.
- A bad storm rolls in, causing everyone to take shelter underneath. Mark saves Kylee from a horrible fate, causing them to fall for one another.
- Following the storm, Ember was introduced, followed by the plan that raised the team's spirits again (like a boss Mark!).
- They travel back to The Car Dealership, in search of working vehicles --> Meet Payton and Kyle, although Kyle takes his own life (he was infected).
- Taking a Kia Sportage, a Jeep Cherokee, and an RV, they head back to The Hospital, blaring "Soliders - Otherwise".
- Payton turns out to be Levi's sister, bringing him back from the brink, plan revitalized everyone now.
- The plan commences, and Levi, Payton, Clark, Mark, and Kylee go on the trip to The City, leaving the others behind.
- On the trip, Levi and the group find and rescue Lindsey, Zach, Sebastian, and Justin --> send them back to the others.
- Continuing on the trip, they reach The City, and meet Sarah, while learning that a group of people have taken over the airport.
- After being captured by this group, Mark is killed in the arena saving Sarah's life, but he transforms into a tyrant, and starts killing everyone.
- Escaping, Levi and the others head back to the hospital, bearing the bad news of the tyrant and Mark's death.
- Back at the base, they have taken preparation measures to be ready for Levi's return.
- Ryaan teaches Quincy how to shoot (by far still the best RP moment I've had to this day!)
- Gathering various supplies, they loaded the RV with it, planning to take it to plow through the city safely to reach the airport.
- Diana is introduced, Quincy is allergic to cats (Who could have guessed it!?)
- Lindsey is attacked by Zach, being cut by his katana, "infecting" her with the virus.
- Justin admits his love for her afterwards, and Payton+Sebastian occurs. "The Only Exception - Paramore"................

It was around this point that a certain Qfeaster, whom I shall not name here, nor in this summary, interfered with the page's progression, and I had to remove them. Upon being removed, they started spamming the page with messages of varying degrees of appropriateness. At this point, the page somehow deleted all the content on the page, leaving only the pictures behind to serve as a memory of what once was...I can only image where the story would have went from here, though I did have the basic layout in my mind. For this summary, I will not state the ending I wanted, but rather leave it up to those who participated to make their own ending...
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