The Past To The Future

The Past To The Future

The Past The Future is about a little girl named Morgan growing up in a old gross cottage with no one but her self.She lived alone at the age of 2 years she had a young maid who loved her very much.When the little girl was about 13 years old the maid had died from cancer.So the little girl had to live by her self luckily there was a school she could go to for free.

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Chapter 1.
First Day Of School

First Day Of School

I Don't wanna walk alone in the woods -wipes tears- i wish Lilian was here with me
she always knows what to say (Morgan).Oh well crying won't help i better get to school quick i don't wanna be late on my first day -runs- (Morgan).
Walks in sees beautiful three girls walking at the same time.Asks them where to go.Oh look its the new girl and you need some help getting to class
don't you well you asked the wrong person cause i don't care about your lousy problems (Victoria).
Oh sorry i didn't know -bites lip and walks away- (Morgan)
Hey babe chill it's just the new girl (Dustin)
-Turns around- Looks at Dustin -In Mind Wow he's cute- (Morgan)
-Shakes head and keeps walking- Hey can you help me find locker number 52 Please (Morgan)
Sure -walks with Morgan- So whats your name I am Taylor Dust (Taylor)
I Am Morgan Ross nice to meet you -gets to locker- thanks Taylor you were a lot of help (Morgan)
No problem oh yeah i noticed you talking to Victoria Blade (Taylor)
Oh thats her name yeah i have why? (Morgan)
Did she pick on you because if she did thats normal cause she picks on everybody she is really mean just stay out of her way thats what i try to do
-Laughs- oh yeah and you know you started staring at Dustin Fox Victoria's boyfriend well thats fine i guess cause everyone does but he doesn't really notice (Taylor)
Taylor do you have parents? (Morgan)
Of Course don't you (Taylor)
No (Morgan).
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