The tale of a not so bad Slytherin

The tale of a not so bad Slytherin

Slytherins have the worst reputation. But do they deserve it? Kianna is just your average half blood girl in Harry's year who gets sorted into Slytherin. She certainly doesn't think she's evil. How does she deal with Hogwarts life and the everyday prejudices Slytherins face?

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Welcome to Hogwarts

Welcome to Hogwarts

Breath in, breath out. Kianna tried to focuse on these words as she boarded the train. She could do this. Kianna had been dreaming of Hogwarts since her father told her about it, and she wasn't about to let some nerves hold her down. Kia( her nickname) was a half blood. Her dad was a wizard, not a very good one mind you, and her mum was a business woman muggle. She was definitely the scarier one out of the two. Kia had been brought up dreaming of Hogwarts, but understanding of muggles. She wished that she had been brought up to be a little less nervous. What if she had no one to sit with? What if everyone hated her? What if she failed all of her classes? Kia hated failing. She was a winner through and through. Quiet, but skillful. She just wished that didn't come with also being a ball of nerves at crucial moments.
"Have fun sweetheart!" Her dad yelled to her as she cleared the steps.
"Fight and win!" Her mom yelled. God, they were so great but sooooo embarrassing. She could just tell that everyone was staring at her. Wait, no. That wasn't true. They were all staring at a boy a bit away from her, Harry Potter. She had read a bit about him. He looked even more awkward than she felt and that was saying something. She flashed him a quick smile and finally went in search of a compartment. She found one with one girl in it, her age. She tried to decide whether to sit down or not, but before she could the girl pulled her in and shut the door. Crap. She was stuck with this strange new girl. And by strange Kia meant scarily beautiful. The blonde in front of her was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.
"Hello!!!!!" The girl half screamed.
" Oh." Muttered Kia. " You seem nice."
" I seem nice." Replied the girl. " I'm really the devil. Sorry darling. You're stuck with me now."
" I am?" Asked Kia. " Do I have a choice? I mean people with no friends are cool."
" You don't have any friends? Oops wrong thing to say. " I guess I'm your new friend. The name is Whitney. One day everyone will know it!"
" I'm Kia." Kia replied. " Or Kianna."
" Or Kiki?" She asked.
" No not really..."
" Nice to meet you Kiki!" Kia sighed. Kiki it was.
      The rest of the ride was just like that. Whitney talked and Kia listened. Eventually they came to Hogwarts. As they stepped off the train a blonde boy, Malfoy Kia thought, stared at Whitney and then turned to Kia.
" Not that impressive is it?"
" What?"
" This is a bit tame, don't you think?"
" I think it's amazing." Kia replied. She hated when people told her what to think. He half smiled at her.
" Interesting." She sauntered off. She didn't know why this prat annoyed her, but he sure did. She walked up to stand next to Whitney and a short  brunette. Wow, she thought to herself, Welcome to Hogwarts.
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Comments (3)

Why are there always not so bad Slytherin? No EVERY Slytherin I bad. I'm not.
@ScarletRoses Ok
on October 21, 2017
Sorry. That's the point. She's not a bad person but Slytherins are always portrayed as evil. Not so bad basically is saying that she's not a bad person even though people assume she is. Sorry for the confusion! I'm also a Slytherin.
on October 21, 2017
on October 17, 2017