The Girl In Black

The Girl In Black

Hitomi was a normal girl... until one night, when in her dreams, a man came to her. He asked what he wanted her future to be. Hitomi, being only seventeen, didn't know what she wanted to be. The man gave a suggestion, and she suddenly knew what she wanted to be.

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Hitomi didn't know what she was doing with her life.
She didn't know what she wanted her grades to be in school, what friends she wanted to have, what group she wanted to be in. But most importantly, she didn't know what she wanted to be.
Sure, there were actors, business owners, builders, teachers, chefs, cashiers, voice actors, and all that cool junk. But Hitomi didn't know which one she wanted to be. She didn't have a passion for anything, no hobbies, no school clubs. Nothing.
Hitomi was a 17-year-old girl with long black hair, pale skin, and most strangely, yellow eyes.
She sat at the kitchen table, poking at her dinner with a fork. She normally didn't eat dinner, neither did she sleep much, so usually, she got up in the middle of the night after everyone went to sleep to get something to eat.
Her parents looked at her, worried. "Hitomi, dear, you have to eat something." Said Hitomi's mother. "You'll die from starvation."
Hitomi looked up and stared at her mother with those yellow eyes of hers. "I'm fine, Mom." She said. Her voice was beautiful and calm, but was mostly hollow. As if she were a robot.
Her mother looked down and continued to eat. She didn't know why she bothered with her daughter.
"I'm going to go to bed." Said Hitomi, standing up and pushing away her chair. "Good night."
"Okay, honey, sweet dreams." Said Hitomi's father, not even looking up.
Hitomi started to walk away. She stopped and turned her head. "You know my dreams are always nightmares."
When Hitomi got to her room, she looked around. Same old, same old. More like same old crap. Her room was completely blank except for a plain white bed, a plain nightstand with a plain lamp and plain alarm clock on it, a plain desk with a plain desklamp, basically everything was plain, a closet with clothes ad a bunch of boxes in it, a window with white curtains, and a white rug. That was it.
Hitomi changed into pajamas and climbed into her bed. She checked her alarm clock. 9:26. She set her alarm to wake her up at exactly Midnight. She turned off her lamp and turned over onto her side and stared at the wall.
Hitomi finally fell asleep after watching a gnat fly around for the next half hour. Her sleep was not a peaceful one.
She was greeted in her dreams by a black box. But she wasn't going to open it. Because she was inside it. This happened all the time. Hitomi curled up into a ball and awaited the pain.
But something much different came. Not pain, not death. But something pleasant. This had never happened before. A warm, fuzzy feeling fell over Hitomi, and she looked up.
But then the happiness faded. Having been a warm orange, the box faded back to black, and all happiness was drained from it. Hitomi's eyes widened in fear at the sound being erupted from everywhere, echoing inside her mind.
Hitomi's name.
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