My hogwarts life pt.1

Well , I had the idea because everyone else was making them, hope you like it!

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

What if I'm terrible, what if I don't have any friends, what if I fail? These thoughts had been racing through my mind all day. We were going to get our hogwarts letters today! Just the thought of it made my heart race.
"Eva, come into the kitchen, there's a letter". Mums voice sounded almost as shakie as I felt . I
Ran into the kitchen and skidded to a stop in front of her. She handed me an envelope addressed in curly red handwriting, to miss Evangeline V Davey. I tore it open eagerly, my heart hammering in my chest.......

My father and I are walking down diagon alley, my hand clenched around my hogwarts list. Ah, "Madame malkims robes for all
ocasions" he said, pointing to a building across the cobblestone road. " It would go faster if  you went to buy my spell books
While I get the robes ", I suggested to him, he nodded , "meet me outside of Olivanders", he called over his shoulder. About fifteen minutes later we entered Olivanders wand shop,a small place with long thin packages stacked up to the ceiling.
Another student with waist length light brown hair and grey eyes was buying a wand at the front
Counter. It wasn't until I got close to her that I realized that she was my friend Jadens sister Jasper, who was in my year.
"Hi", I said, "I'm Eva". "Oh, hello! We're in the same year aren't we? Look at the wand I got, elm, eleven and a half inches, unicorn tail hair". "Well, I should be going , see you on the hogwarts express then ", she said.

We are standing on platform nine and three quarters, me , my mother Jennifer, my father Dorian, and my little brother taki.
Smoke is billowing from the steam engine, making the shapes on the platform seem hazy and blurred. "Bye!"I throw my arms around them ,"see you at Christmas "! I climb into the train, heaving my trunk behind
Me. I find an empty compartment and push my trunk into the luggage rack.
I pull out my notepad and start scetching the hogwarts express leaving the station.
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Comments (2)

Also note: all the names in this story are made up, yes, I decided to name my nonexistent little brother after a brand of chips Lolz plz don't ask
on March 30
Ok I know I forgot to mention, but when I say Ja I mean jaden not jasper because jasper is a girl XD
on February 23