Edgeheart and Sunstrike, Truth of the Past

Edgeheart and Sunstrike have some connection, but none of Sunstrike's descendants knew what it was or why. This is a telling of their story and how they are connected. This is the truth of the past, the story of Leafclan, and of the four.

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Chapter 1.
Bouncing's Early Home

Bouncing's Early Home

A small gray kit wobbled across the den. She sat next to another kit. The other kit had white fur with unnatural icy-blue markings. A slender she-cat watched them. The older she-cat had pale gray fur with violet markings.

   "Are you ever going to get up?" asked the gray kit.

   "Later Bouncing. Why do you always get me awake so early?" the other kit replied.

   "I just get up early," replied Bouncing. "And you're just lazy sometimes, Paw."

   Paw just snorted at Bouncing. Bouncing gave Paw a dirty look in response, then pounced on Paw.

   "Now Bouncing," the older she-cat cut in, "you should respect our members if you wish to stay here."

   "I never wanted to be here in the first place," snarled Bouncing. "Your allies took me from my home and wouldn't let me keep my own name! Is that really fair?"

   Without waiting for an answer Bouncing turned her back on the older she-cat.

   "Disrespectful kit," mumbled the older she-cat. "One day you're gonna make a mistake and have irreversible consequences."
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on July 12, 2015
Again I would like to know if anyone likes these stories.
on September 29, 2014