The Sharkenge #5

The Sharkenge #5

The fifth continuation of The Sharkenge, the Challenge with sharks now.

published on September 14, 201835 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Blue Firey: I still don't understand why Luigi and Keinoa are gone.
Buttered Potato: Never mind that, Blue Firey. Will Solar Flare, Hewkii, Scarlett, Dorky, Pickle, and Euro come here.
Dorky: Duhhhhhhhhh what now?
Solar Flare: I have calculated 1,456 ways the votes could have turned out. In 578 of them, I am the safe.
Buttered Potato: Safe with 0 votes are Dorky, Solar Flare and Scarlett.
Scarlett: Yay!!!! What do I get?
Buttered Potato: Um, take this roach-infested hamburger.
Scarlett: Do we have any actual food in that fridge?
Buttered Potato: And, safe with 2 votes is Euro.
Euro: Nice.
Solar Flare: The cool.
Buttered Potato: Solar Flare, do you have any actual meaningful lines in this series?
Solar Flare: Of course. I have just calculated the meaning of life. It's-
Buttered Potato: Moving on. This just leaves Hewkii and Pickle left for elimination. Any last words?
Hewkii: .........
Pickle: ...........
Dorky: *sniff* So moving.
Buttered Potato: with 2 votes is Hewkii!!! Congratulations, Hewkii!
Hewkii: .........
Pickle: *cries*
Euro: Wow, I did not know pickles could cry.
Buttered Potato: Apparently they can. Who cares? *Throws Pickle into the ocean*
Pickle: [5] ..............!!!! (I'll always love you, Hewkii!)
Hewkii: .........! (Bye, dear friend!)
Pickle: *Gets eaten by sharks*
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