Sea Horse

Sea Horse

The secound book in this series. Sofie has just moved from france to England and she has changlenges but surley living at a riding school with a pony club and stabling she can make friends?

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Chapter 1.


"Wow, you couldn't, wouldn't belive it till you see it, this place looks more like rat town then a riding stables!" Said Sofie sarcastically.
"Sofie, Stop being so stuck up!", Said Mrs Jameston , " you know you might really like it here!"
"Bet I won't " muttered Sofie.
Mrs Jameston ignored her.
"Go inside and choose you room Sofie not the first one as you come up the stairs though chose out of the door on the left and the 2nd door on the right, oh and the is another at the end of the hallway but it is a bit smaller than the others," said Mr Jameston Cheerily "Then you can settle toffee in to his stable!"
"Ok but I am not happy with this got it?" shouted sofie as she stormed up the stairs first of all she looked into the room on the left nothing special about this room is there she thought. It was as plain as plain can get cream walls and a white ceiling with a wingdow looking out onto a field with a muck heap in it very nice, not! As she walked across the hall way she could tell the next room would be the same but maybe a better view out of the window. She was right this time the window had a lovely road to look at how nice how could she choose thought sofie sarcastically.
When she went back to the hallway she noticed another door just down the hallway she walked past the bathroom and entered it wow was all she could say!
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