teardrop (1)

teardrop (1)

hey guys be sure to read the believer series or you wont get whats happening thanks

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red eyes

red eyes

i woke up it was about 10am the time i usually wake up i saw veronicas face right in front of me her arm on my chest and she was fast asleep too. i slowly put her arm on the pillow and put some clothes on and right wheni was about to walk out i heard veronica say where are you going i said to find our next target she said can i come i said sure she said can we go get some breakfast first because im hungry i said fine but put on a shirt and she giggled and said what you dont like looking at me i felt her hand on my cheek i said no i just dont like seeing you shirtless then she thats not what you said last night then she giggled  my face turned red then i said shut up then she laughed hang on i will be down in a minute oh yeah veronica she said yeah i went up to her and wrapped my arms around her waste and kissed her in the cheek and said i liked seeing you shirtless then she blushed and kissed me in the lips and she just said go down stairs so i whent downstairs i saw mikayla and her grandmother remininecing she saw me and said well good morning sunshine her grandmother said well goodmorning deery would you like some scrambled eggs i said sure mikayla asked where veronica was i said upstairs changing she said nathaniel do you and veronica have something going on i lookec astonished i didn't know what to say she was looking at me eargerly and i said lets see whats on tv! i turned it on it was a nightclub advertisement it said i was the pureblood club it was big the interview was  talking to a person that person on the nightclubs name was red eye and i saw the insignia on his neck u'e in a diamond like carving i said could he be....
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