ManicxJade Story

ManicxJade Story

ok u guys asked for it so here it is! and yes i am forcing Jade into this XD Jade: kill me someone please -///-U Manic: heh i like it 83 Jade: 0///0

published on September 21, 201511 reads 10 readers 2 not completed
When Manic and Jade first met

When Manic and Jade first met

Jade T. K. Possible was walking through the alleys of Robotropolis smirking while she sang: "they say im trouble, they say im bad! they say im evil, and that makes me glad! im dirty no good, down to the bone! your worst nightmare *giggles* cant take me home! So i got some mischief, in mah blood?! Can u blame me? i never got no love! They think ahm calaous, a low life hood. i feel so useless, misunderstood. heyyyyyy mirror mirror on the wall, who's the baddest of them all? welcome to mah wicked worrrrllld mah wicked worrrrrrlllld! im rotten to the core, rotten to the core, im rotten to the core oh who could ask for more?! im nothin' like the kid next, like the kid next door! no im rotten to the, ahm rotten to thheeeeeeee core! listen up now.....they call me a schemer, call me a thief! *snatches a guys wallet from his back pocket and smirks*
how can u say that? im just unique! what me traitor?! Ain't got ur back?! are we not friends?! *giggles mischeiviously* whats up with that?! so ima misfit! so ima flirt! i stole ur heart *puts love spell on the cop that tries to catch her then freezes him and steals his money and gun* then i made yah hurt! ohhh past is past forgive forget! the truth is, u ain't seen nothin yeeeeeet! oh mirror mirror on the wall, whos the baddest of them all? welcome to mah wicked world! yeah my wicked world!"
little did Jade know about a strange green figure watching and listening to her until he saw her snatch someone else's wallet again and landed behind her in a different alley.
When Jade turned around she saw It was Manic the Hedgehog, prince of mobius, Son of Queen Aleena, and brother of Prince Sonic and Princess Sonia. but, she didn't know that sooo here's where it gets interesting! (and caaaan u feeeeeel the loooooove toniiiiiiiiight XD Jade: i hate u so much! me: i knows dat :3)
Manic: *looks her over smirking before speaking* i saw that hot stuff.
Jade: *acts innocent hiding wallet behind her. smirks* Saw what?
Manc: THAT *points behind her*
Jade: *smiles flirtly* i honestly dont know what ur talking about. go on now. shoo with u! *pushes him gently away from her playfully*
manic: *smirks* heh give me a kiss first sexy *winks*
Jade: *scoffs and turns away from him sassy like putting her hand on her hip* hmph, pervert!
Manic: awe come on.
Jade: *smirks, sighs and then winks while biting her nail sexily* u REALLY wanna kiss me?
Jade walked up to Manic and placed her finger under his chin smirking*
Manic: *blushes and purrs a bit*
Jade: Foward ain't yah? but u better slow down there big guy....*leans in close to make it seem like shes gonna kiss him. whispers loud enough so he can hear her* or else
Manic: huh? *opens eyes as Jade backed away and noticed his vest and shades were gone* wtf?! WHEN?! H-HOW?!
Jade: *giggles cruelly* Word to the wise bub, NEVER flirt with a street thief! besides, I make this look good *smirks and runs away after saying-* Jaes the name and thievery is mah game babe. see yah'round cutie.......

                                                                   CLIFF HANGER!!!!!!!! XD tune in to the next one guys when i make it and i hope u guys liked it! ^^
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Comments (2)

It's awesome so far :3
Heh thx ^^
Jade: u still hate u -////-
Manic: weeeell that IS the real story of how we first met πŸ˜…
Jade: *turns away grumbling and blushing*
on September 22, 2015
on September 21, 2015