10 Chains of Hell - (Jeff the Killer romance)

10 Chains of Hell - (Jeff the Killer romance)

Jasmine breathed in the foul air of Hell and stepped forward eyeing the Devil himself. "I promise to fulfill whatever task you have in my future existence just as long as you let my friend go". Jasmine Kelly was the average 19 year old in college. You know, the pretty brunette with the perfect life. But when a terrible dark secret sends Jasmine's best friend to Hell. She has to go through 10 horrible hellish escorts involving demons, sinners, and God himself. Jasmine really doesn't know what she's getting herself into. She can't do it alone. Impossible. Then enters Jeff.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 - Meeting the Devil

"Wake up Jasmine!"

I mumbled in my sleep.

"Jasmine!" my room mate chirped nearly in my earlobe.

"I'm up" I mumbled barely above a whisper.

"JASMINE GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP!" Lola snatched my blanket off my body.

"I SAID I'M UP" I yelled grouchily. I rubbed my eye sockets sitting up. I yawned getting out of bed, stretching my arms.

Lola sighed dropping my blanket neatly on my bed. In our dorm room, when you first enter, to the left is the area where we watch TV and play video games and basically lounge. To the right, is the kitchen, straight forward down the hall to the right is the bathroom, left is Lola's room and straight forward is my room. I have the biggest room. The decor is up to you and your imagination.

Lola followed me out of my room towards the bathroom. Before I shut the door, Lola said, "Class starts at 9:45 am, you have an hour to shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast. Don't stay in too long, I'm heading to Starbucks to meet some friends. Bye."

"Thanks mother" I teased shutting the bathroom door.

"You're welcome sweetie" she laughed. Then I heard the front door slam shut.

I showered and did my usual morning routine.

What to wear, what to wear I thought towel wrapped around my body searching through my dressers and hangers in my closet.

I decided on a purple floral tank top and blue skinny jeans and black vans. I curled my long chocolate locks and added mascara, eyeliner, and cherry lip gloss. Jewelry, I really didn't care, so I just put in some black rose studs and a matching necklace.

I skipped breakfast and just grabbed my IPhone5s, messenger bag, and laptop bag heading out the door. I texted my best friend, Alex.

To Alex:

Meet me @ library ASAP :P
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