Sweet Amoris High

Sweet Amoris High

a Mycandylove fanfic. Our main character is a 14 year freshman in high school her name is Alice Molea. She's your typical everyday girl to the naked eye but if you look deeper you'll see untold secrets. RATED OLDER TEEN (that's what's on manga xD)

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Chapter 1.
A New School

A New School

Alice walks up to the new mysterious school somewhere in the back of her head she knows this school. She shakes her head after a few seconds of contemplating breaths in and out the takes her first step into the new school. Of course the first thing she does is bump into the school prep "I'm sorry!" "sorry? SORRY!? no one bumps into ME NO ONE!" the prep then proceeds to shove Alice into a locker very hard. While recovering from being shoved into a locker Alice realizes everyone has a school uniform "...great" she says under her breath. A gray haired women about in her 50s walks up to her "Hello!~ You must be Ms.Molea the new student! I'm Mrs.Shermansky the school principal" "oh! hi yeah...I wasn't informed their would be uniforms..." "Oh sorry! Anyways go to the student body president he'll help you out with getting a uniform of your own!" "thanks...B-" And Mrs.Shermansky leaves. Alice then proceeds to ask some of the students where the student council room was luckily a nice long pink haired girl tells her "Thank you so much! I don't know how to repay you!" "Don't worry about its nothing" an then they went their separate ways.

Alice opens the student council room door and sees a blonde boy with golden eyes she thinks to herself I thought people couldn't have golden eyes then says "Hi...are you the student body president by chance?" "Yes. And who might you be?" "Alice...you?" "Nathaniel...so how may I help you?" "I'm new here and I guess I need a uniform..." "Oh! Yes i'll do that right away just sit over their it should only be a few minutes" he then walks off into what looks like to be a storage closet. Three minutes later he comes out with a black and purple uniform "Here you go! Your in Classroom A and locker number 175 your combination is on this paper along with the other information I told you" Nathaniel then gives Alice her uniform and slip of paper then sent her on her merry way.

Alice changed into her uniform in the school bathroom "Not bad." She then walks to classroom A. Everyone in classroom A have the same black and purple uniform. Alice takes note theirs only five students and their all girls other than her "Hello..." a purple haired girl answers back"...Hi..."she looks away, Alice takes a mental note on that and decides she's probably shy, "I'm Alice...and you are?" "Violette..." she says still looking away. Then the bell rang which signaled the start of class so Violette and Alice take their seats. A man with black hair and pink eyes walks in "hello class and I'm your teacher Mr.Faraize." he than looks at his paper and looks at each student and nods after looking every student "your all here! now lets start class." They studied Genetics, and World War Two history. The bell rang signaling that its time for lunch Alice gathers her things and saw Violette staying be hide so she decided this was the best time to get to know her. Violette then gathers her things Alice walks over "Hey Violette um...do you know any good places to eat lunch?" "...Yah..." "So can I eat lunch with you their?" Violette had a kind of shocked expression then looked away "Sure..." "Thanks..." "Oh! someone from the black and pink class will also be sitting with use!" "...Black and pink?" Alice is baffled Violette said so much in one sentence "...Ask her about it..." She than went back to being quiet.

They make their way to the gardening clubs garden and sit their to eat Alice looks to the her left then sees the long pink haired girl "It's you from this morning!" she looks up "Oh! Hi..." Alice looks and realizes her uniform is a different color it's black and pink "Um...what's with everyone having different colored uniforms?" "Oh...well higher classes have white and theirs colors ranging what level they are. Black means lower classes my uniform is highest in those classes and if I'm correct black and purple is the lowest..." Alice's mouths drops open "What!" Alice then sighs "Anyways...my name is Alice..." "...Angel..." "You both have pretty names!" Violette blushes embarrassed Angel answers "Thanks." They then start eating their lunches. Alice is eating Sushi, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice while Angel and Violette have Teriyaki Chicken  and  Rice.

They have five minutes before the bell rings and their done eating so they decide to go back to their classes Alice and Angel say their see you later while Violette is being shy and go to their classes. Alice and Violette take their seats. Alice then sees one her classmates walk in she has light brown hair and sky blue eyes she looks at Alice and walks over "Hello. I'm the vice president of the student council. Melody...you?" "Alice...wait vice president?" "Yah before you start I don't know why I'm in the lowest ranking class when I'm the vice president..." her eyebrows are kind of together and she's pouting. "Don't worry! It's ok!" both girls are giggling then Violette joins the conversation "They probably have their reasons..." Melody answers "Your probably right." the rest of the students are running in followed by Mr.Faraize just as the bell rang signaling the start of their class. They studied Quadratic Functions and reading Romeo and Juliette.

The bell rings saying its the end of the school day Alice gets her stuff together and while she's doing so Melody and Violette go up to her Melody "Want to walk home with use?" "Sure!" The three of them start walking then the prep appears again with two lackeys "Oh lookie here! The low class who bumped into me with her two low class friends" The prep is about to hit Alice when a boy with silver hair and yellow and green eyes stops her "Excuse me miss if your going to pick on someone please do it some place else" She looks at him and then with a huff leaves with her lackeys. "Are you ok?" "Yeah thanks...I'm Alice by the way." "Lysander...you should be wary of Amber she's impolite" Lysander than leaves.

After a few seconds Alice, Violette, and Melody leave chatting away about homework, lunch, and Music and part ways when they hit a fork in the road. Alice opens her bedroom door in the apartment complex that her parents are having her stay in since they work over seas and plops on her bed. She thinks over everything that happen in her day and thought some things could have been better but all in all not bad she then eats dinner, do her homework, take shower, and goes to bed. She had a dream about a man with long dark brown hair and red eyes that stared at her.
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