It's about a lost kitten raised by a dog and they band together to save the world

published on April 29, 20145 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

A new member

"HELP ME," I heard. I trotted over to a lost kitten. I picked her up by her scruff and carried her to my territory. I dropped her on a grass bed. "Are you alright?" I barked. She mewed. "NO! I broke a leg and I'm bleeding to death." A low growl came out of my throat. "Okay," I replied briefly. "Hon- Oh, a... cat. What is she doing here?" My mom barked in a high-pitched voice. "I found her, she's a little complicated though.." I looked at the kitten. "She has to go... we're dogs. Not cats!" My mom demanded. I whimpered. "Fine. But that doesn't mean-" "What's going on here??!" My dad looked at me. I gulped. "I said, WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" My dad boomed. "I-I found a cat in the wild, she was calling for help-" "A CAT?! No, no no..." I Sighed. "Worth a try, right?" I muttered under my breath to myself. I Dropped my head and walked off. Tears filled my eyes. I just wanted to help the helpless thing! But my parents won't let me?! RUDE! Wait...! I ran to the cat when my parents weren't looking. I Carried her to my room. I whispered. "You can stay here, I'll protect you. Not them, they can't know I'm helping you, OK?"
"Fine. But don't try anything fancy..." I shook my head. I found leaves and I fed them to her. "What should I call you?" I asked, curiously. "Hmm... You can call me Angela, or Mitten. Either one works for me." I nodded. "I'll call you Angela. For right now, you're the New member of the family!"
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