Mother Legion Vs. Destroyah

Mother Legion Vs. Destroyah

The Fight To The Death Between Mother Legion, The Queen Of Legions, And Destroyah, The Destroyer Of All Living Things!

published on November 25, 20153 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Mother Legion Stats

Mother Legion Stats

Mother Legion Is A Very Powerful Creature. She Has Electromagnetic Waves That Can Damage Any Incoming Kaiju. She Has Sharp Tips On Her Body Which Can Easily Pierce Through Hard Material. She Also Has Two Sickles Underground That Allow Her To Burrow Underground And Attack Any Enemies That Stray Too Close. The Three Spikes That Form Her Crown That Also Produce Weaker Electromagnetic Waves. She Has A Beam That Comes Out Of Her Nasal Horn That Is Deadly Enough To Kill Weaker Kaiju. In Conclusion, Mother Legion Is A VERY Powerful Creature.
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