Screaming Dom.

Screaming Dom.

Cassa is sent to a strange boarding school where people keep dying.She and her friends set out to find the culprit. She knows what she must do but can she turn her back on her friends to save the boy she once loved?

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Chapter 1.
St. Jadwiga's school

St. Jadwiga's school

My name is Cassa. I am 16 and I have never screamed.All my friends try to make me but I just don't.I have brown hair and brown eyes.I got into a school called St. Jadwiga's.This is my story.
It all started the first day I got there.St. Jadwiga's is like one of those boarding schools you see in horror movies.That should have been my first clue to what was to happen.It was huge and creepy but I don't let that get to me.Maybe if I did I wouldn't be here now chained to a wall looking at him.I'm getting ahead of myself.It all really started when I met Dominic. He looked shy and he had strawberry blond hair.He also had dazzling blue eyes.He was standing with a guy who had black hair and blue eyes and a girl who also had black hair and blue eyes. I went over.''you must be the new girl'' the boy with black hair said'' I'm Zeke this is my sister Sandra and our friend Dominic''
''Hi'' I said '' I'm Cassa.Spelt C-A-S-S-A.Pronounced sassa.''
''Nice name''said Dominic. He had a voice like honey.
''Thanks'' I said.
It was only then I noticed the tattoo on his neck.
"'Nice tattoo'' I said.
It was a tattoo of an eagle.It was quite cool.I know I should have been getting settled in but I spent the rest of the day with my three new friends. I admit I did have a small crush on Dominic but we were just friends.Well, that was until he asked me out on a date.Of course I said yes.I met him later that evening.He had a picnic basket.
''I hope you like egg salad because that is pretty much all I can make,apart from toast but everyone can make toast''
He had this goofy smile on his face that made me like him even more.He took me to a park nearby and set up the picnic.
''So, what do you do for fun around here''
''We go into the village and dare each other to do dangerous stuff''
''Was that tattoo a dare?''
''Yes it was.''
''Let me guess,it was Zeke's idea.''
''Yeah he comes up with the best ones''
''I bet I could come up with a better one.''
''Really?OK then miss confident. Give it a shot.''
''OK.I dare you to kiss me''
I didn't know what had gotten into me.All I knew was that Dominic was leaning in.He kissed me.It was soft and sweet.When we parted he smiled.Then we walked back to the school.
''I had fun'' I said
''Me too''
I went inside and went to bed.
I woke up to the sound of a scream.It was coming from the bath room.All the girls who lived at the school slept in the same room and shared a bath room. I was lucky other was only me, Sandra, Chloe, Bridget and Mayrse.I ran to the bath room and I saw her,Mayrse, lying on the ground in her own blood.That was the first body.
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This is really good!!
on March 24, 2016