The Story of Bob

in memory of bob my middle finger. He died on this very day due to my grandma. This is Bobs story

published on October 30, 20208 reads 6 readers 1 not completed

The time bob came in handy

I have used bob many times. Till this tragic day. Bob died today. All the fun Bob and I had together is all gone. Nothing left of Bob besides my love for him. Y did u have to die today Bob u had a wife and kids. Never could i have imagined that u would kill urself like that. I thought we wou;d be together our whole life but now i lost u my friend. I loved u Bob y did u have to go on this tragic day. I wish i could go back and change ur fate. U were crushed by a car door. but Bob would of changed wht u did if u knew on how much i loved u. Or would u still have done it? Could I have loved u more? Could I have treated u better? Bob PLZ COME BACK I NEED U! ����������������������������������
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Comments (1)

R. I. P Bob
on October 30, 2020