This is a short horror story about the Tarot, a nightmarish being of my own invention. Read at your own risk, and to those who do, I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Chapter 1.


        "Mommy, who's that man?" Daughter points.
        "What man?" Mother looks.
        "The man who looks like daddy. With the funny face." Daughter stares.
        "Can you describe the funny face?" Mother waits.
        "Like this." Daughter mimics.
        Mother watches. Mother panics. Mother runs to Father.

        "What's wrong, darling?" Father rubs his eyes.
        Mother explains.
        Father panics.
        Father calls.

        Rough hands prod.
        Daughter cries.
        They question her.
        She replies.
        They wonder and investigate.
        They find nothing.

        A year passes.
        Father is found dead.
        Daughter stares.
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