Warriors: Sun fall

Warriors: Sun fall

A golden tabby she cat trains to be come a warrior with a few bumps and curves on the way, will she make it find out now.

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I go in my third period class. I sat at my table with my friend Garrett. After I get my stuff out, I felt something strange. I look in front of me and saw a small, round gray stone. I then spotted a man in front of class. He takes the stone and waits. The teacher, Mrs. Gretton calls, " Alright, listen up to Mr. Katt." She then waits.
        "Hello I'm Mr. Katt," the white haired man said, "today, I want to show you this stone." He held up the stone. I felt a strange energy roll off of it. " You, young lady," The man points to me, "come here." I stood up gingerly and went up to him. "Hold the stone and press your nose to it." Mr. Katt ordered. I held the cold, smooth stone. My arm hairs bristled feeling energy and I pressed my nose to it. It was icy and shone brightly. I blacked out.
        When I woke up. I found my-self in a forest. It was huge, everything looked so big. I lay on my belly and tried to stand up but I fall on all fours. (that's weird). I thought. I ignored it and crawled on all fours. I was quite surprised how easy it was to trot, then I heard a twig snap and I flinched. I saw a tom cat come out. "Oh, hello there." I say kindly.  It surprisingly didn't run away." Hello?" He said. I froze. "D-did you just talk?!" I exclaimed. "I would ask you the same." He looked confused.
        I sat down and looked at myself, I was a golden tabby she-cat! "Who are you?" the tom asked. "Makenna?" I reply. "Wait, Makenna, it's me Garrett!" the tom said shocked. Suddenly, a white tom came out of a bush. "Hello, little ones." He said. I realized, it was the man. "What happened to us?!" I asked demandingly. "Your now cats," He said plainly, "Now follow me." I follow him to a clearing, he then bit my neck and I collapsed. I blacked out, I felt cold and lost, then warm and small. My thoughts went blank. I could remember anything. I felt numb and weak. All of the sudden...... I felt nothing.
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more plsssssssss it is so good
on August 22, 2017