This past wendsday

This past wendsday

This has real life events that actually happened, but the second chapter dosent. Have a wonderful day! -Starlight Ps, these events happened this passed Wendsday.

published on May 19, 201815 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
The fun...

The fun...

On wendsday, we were in the middle of social studies, clock buddies, when the power went out. The next subject was religion. We took a test. We then had a 1 hour lunch. Durring lunch, about half way, the power went back on and we all clapped.
  We had math next. We found out that the internet got knocked out when the power went out. After math, since we dont have an automatic bell, the hand-held bell fell apart. Luckily, The Science teacher has an extra bell, i dont know why. Now im not used to the new bell at that concludes that wendsday
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