Bermuda triangle's mystery.

Bermuda triangle's mystery.

Ever wondered why ships desapear in that place? Well it seems something strange happened there again, and when policemen arrive to the scene, the boat hasn't sunken yet and a survivor is there to tell the truth. A nice short story to read if you are bored and feel like getting a little chill down your spine.

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What hapened?

What hapened?

It was exacly 3:40 am in the morning, and another desapearance had occured in the famous bermuda triangle. This time, a great boat traveling from Lisboa to Miami went missing 2 hours before it reached the Bahamas. Contact had been lost for 30 minutes before the autorities decided to send a helicopter for safety, because after all, many accident had occured in this strange area and rescue teams had been used to react fast. This time, for the first time in years, the boat was found motionless in the middle of the ocean. It haden't suffered even a scratch, the boat was odly stoped in a random direction and all the lights were shut off, as if it was simply out of power. But the strangest fact, was that not a single passenger or crew member was to be found. The team landed safely at the back of the boat and the helicopter was sent back for reinforcement, for this was no common shipwreck. As the rescuers serched the silent and dark boat, a survivor, a young 7 years old girl, was found rolled up in the corner of the captain's room and stained with blood, a terrified look in her eyes. The team's chief tried to touch her but she flinched and slapped his hand away. So he decided to ask her questions direcly.

- Who are you little girl?
-....I'm Davy...she answered with a quiet and high pitch voice.
- Where are you parents?

The girl looked up slowly at the man

- Down, she said

The man stayed silent for a second and pointed down to his teammate. He nodded and ran into the corridor with a few other memebers.

- Can you tell me what happened Davy?
-....There was a noise... a huge deep noise, but it wasn't loud. The boat started slowing down. I was scared, so I went in my cabin, and suddently all the lights were shut down. I heard panic outside... for a while people were screaming, so I didn't dare to come out. And then, suddently, the voices stoped.
- And what happened to the people?
- I don't know. When I came out of the cabin, it was dark and quiet, just like now. There was no one around. Even if I called, there was no answer.
- And what did you do next?
- I looked for my parents. I looked everywhere, but there was no one on the upper floors.

The man wrote thoughtfully down everything the girl was saying. So far, nothing she could say made this case any clearer.

- So did you go downstairs?
- Yes, but it was very scary down there. When the egins had stoped, it was so quiet my steps seems very loud. But I'm normally very quiet! very very quiet...
- So there wasn't a noise down there, I see...
- wait! There was. It was that noise again.
- That noise?
- The very deep one, big heavy, deep silent noise. The one I heard before all this started.
- I'm not sure what you're talking about. A noise like, so me machine running?
- No, like something alive.

The rescuer stopped writing and looked at the girl with confused eyes. He looked back at the direction he had sent his crew into and heard nothing. He flinched as he noticed there was only him and the girl left in the room. He turned back at her and sat in front of her.

- What makes you think some living thing was down there?
- You know it. You just go downstairs, and you know it. It's a feeling, the one truth you'd know, like a 6th sense.
- I see, but did you hear or see anything that could prove that?
- I saw blood. One the floor, on the walls. Like something bloody had been draged around. There were no bodies though.
- What? Blood?! Asked the man surprised.
- Momy... momy told me not to be affraid of blood. She is a surgan. She said blood is life, and if you lose it, you lose life, so I thought, the one who lost this blood was dead right?
- ....right...What did you do about it?
- I kept walking. And I got lost. Lost in blood and dark. It was still so quiet, with the noise, from time to time. A scary yet attractive noise.
- And? Did you find your way out after?
- No, but I found momy.
- You did?! That's great! Where did she go? You said she was still down there?
- When you say down.... you mean downstairs?
- ... Where els?

The girl was staring at the man, and in silence she looked down. Her eyes stared at the floor, even through the floor, like giving a message. A chill climbed up the man's spine, looking at the girl's unusual behavior, hoping to misunderstand what she meant. With no further notice on that subject she stared back into empty space and started explaining her story again.

- Momy was smiling. There were stairs, right where she was standing, and an open door leading down into the ocean right next to her. Her arms where open, she called my name. I had found her, I was so happy.
- Did you go to her?
- Of course. I ran, I was crying. I jumped in her arms. I hadn't seen anybody for anentire 2 hour time.
- How did you know it was that long?
- I have a watch see?

Davy showed a watch on her arm. However it wasn't working. Mud was stuck behind the glass of the watch and it wasn't ticking. The chief looked at her with confused eyes. She was slightly smiling, proud of her little engin.

- Ahem, and then what did your mother do?
- She held me in her arms, she held me so tight I couldn't breathe and I couldn't talk. She had been waiting for me. She said I was perfect, perfect! And she told me this nightmare was going to end soon.
- And then?
- She draged me into the ocean. She clenched so hard to me I could move away. And she took me underwater, deeper and deeper. I couldn't move at all. I tried to free myself but her arms chanched. They became long and long, and before I knew it, I was trapped in a cage of tentacles, nothing like momy, just tentacles that used to be my mom.

The girl looked down with empty eyes.

- I heard it again.... Closer, stronger. The noise. And I saw it. Big, alive. The thing. Hiding in the depth. It had used a human as a bait, my mother, I'm sure he did all the same horrible thing to her. It was draging me to its mouth. It was all over for me.

The chief had completly stopped writing and showed a very confused look. His team still wasn't back. He looked up at the girl.

- But then... Davy... how did you escape?

Davy clinched a grin. She looked up at the man with a deadly stare and answered his final question:

- He he he.... I didn't.
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