Keynain Chronicles: The Golden Locket

Keynain Chronicles: The Golden Locket

When Holly Hoefer experiences an encounter with the Keeper of Keynain, she sets out on a journey to find a golden locket buried under the grounds and ruins of Keynain. Along the way, she meets amazing and odd friends, a few enemies, and an unlikely pet out of a wolf. But when Holly sees a vision of the future, there’s another reason for Holly to totally freak out. It turns out the next lunar eclipse could determine whether or not Keynain will devour the latest descendant of its country—and that means Holly’s in for a chance…and a risk.

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It was a kind of gloomy but in a good way, Tuesday morning in Castletown. It might’ve seemed like a very peaceful day actually. But it wasn’t. Holly forced herself to stop trying to pick the lock like in one of her favorite mystery movies, Science of The Undead. Her favorite character, Ruby Bloom had picked the lock to get out of the lair. Right then, Holly wished she could be Ruby. In fact, she wouldn’t mind being Ruby until the very end of the movie-when she was bitten and unless you’ve watched it a thousand times, the scary dead hand at the end. But the worst part would be moving to Huffletown tomorrow. If she hadn't been so upset, she would've watched a chick flick, and sh*t, what were the points of those?

Holly was always confused when it came to chick flicks. The last one she had watched had starred Dacey (plain and simple name, you can search up Dacey and she just shows up) but that's not her point. Her REAL problem was moving. And for one thing, no one in the family like traveling. Except her father. Holly had been lucky her dad had named her, but all of her siblings (yes all 7 female genders of them) were named after places she had visited. China, Australia, India, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Paris. But all of that...all of that didn't MATTER to her. She liked Castletown the way it was. No way else.

As long as she was locked in there she would have to live in a jumpsuit and jumpsuits weren’t in. If she could look up the dictionary word for jumpsuit it would say. Jump-sue-t; 1. Disgusting clothing that will make you die just by the touch. 2. A reason to hide from school at all times possible. 3. A great punishment for all teens. Personally, Holly liked jumpsuits. But while Argentina was alive and popular, there was no way she would be able to snuggle into one. ’ Qu'avez-vous fait?’’ whispered. “Comment est-ce ma faute?’’ said the other. I looked closer into the peephole next to my movie "area". There my parent's were, in all their French glory, talking...I tried to listen more closely, but I remembered I hadn't packed. Great. This was going to be...just...great.
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Comments (2)

Amazing Not one part In this story which makes me doubt your writing talent is extrodinary
I think Holly is kind of a geek, so I can relate to her there...
And I agree with blackcat123 names are awesome!!
on April 17, 2014
7 female genders??? Good story so far like the names
At least she's realistic, I wish I could be a character sometimes
on April 17, 2014