Junky story

Just somthing I found in my files when I was cleaning my computer out. I dont rerember how old this story is but I do rerember making it.

published on April 16, 201418 reads 16 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1. ~Bella~

It was a beautiful summer morning, the birds were singing and nature was just vibrating. On the long gravel path there was a beautiful wolf, it wasn’t any wolf, it was a she-wolf and white beautiful she-wolf. She had a piercing gaze. She was walking to the great kingdom Silverstream. She was there to go to her uncle, Gaius. He served as the great medic of the kingdom , she wanted to learn from him because she wasn’t any  wolf, she had strong magic. Was it a curse, or a blessing? No one knew, she was just born with it, and she could control it but as she grew it was getting stronger, she needed help.
At about lunch time she got to Camelot. There lots of wolves walking around, getting food, working. She found herself standing infront of the castle. She looked around and saw this beautiful black wolf looking out the window. It was the prince, Arthur the son of Joseph Pendragon. They made a short eye contact but she turned around looking for Gaius. She soon saw this older looking building wich looked as Gaius had described it in the letter. She walked to threw door and opened. The crackling of the door scared her. There was no one inside, she turned her beautiful eyes around to see lots of books a table with a few books and potions on it, and shelves with potions and books all over. The floor was pretty dusty.She walked deeper in the house closing the door behind her. She mumbled quietly “Hello?” as she raised her spur from her spine up feeling like she was watched. “Oh you’re here” a wolf sudently appeared walking down the stairs. Bella jumped and gulped but then releasing her tensed muscles said “Oh Gaius, you scared me!I’m glad to see you” . The grey wolf came and head hugged Bella  “Welcome, I hope you will enjoy yourself, now get your stuff unpacked we will be going to the king soon, I’ve got some plans for you.” He said with a slight smile on his face. Bella didn’t really know what was going on but she went with it. She unpacked and followed Gaius to the castle. It was huge with grey wals and beautiful flowers around it.As they walked up the stone stairs they found themselves standing in this hall. At the end of it there were 3 thrones, one the bigger one the king, Joseph Pendragon, a brown-ish fur with some grey spots here and there. The second throne, was empty…Bella thought ~Huh, why is that empty? That is the queens throne….Oh..~ Then on the third throne there was the black wolf, Arthur Pendragon.
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same thing for me
on April 15, 2015
That's great I didn't read it all yet but thumbs up
on April 16, 2014