the thing about love

this story is about two people who love each other but their is a another person who is inlove with the girl but she dont love him

published on April 24, 201438 reads 11 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

the first day

first day at school and i meet this boy called jacob and he is hot but also he has a great personality and he makes me smile i went and sat bye the pond and he came over to me and said
"would you like me to sit with you"
in reply i said "ok if you want but not many people talk to me because i dont fit in. also you are very handsome and why are you talking to me when i am just a girl who dont fit in and needs a new personality"
the next day he came over again and he said " would you like to be my girlfriend"
i replyed with "i would love to. did you know that you are the first boy who has asked me out before and i dont really think that this will work because i am not the sort of person most boys want girls to be. but if you love me that much then i will try and be the right one for you."
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