The Girl with the Two Heads

The Girl with the Two Heads

Jewel Brandhe is finally done with with least for a week. She's thinking spring, sleepovers and fun, but apparently, the universe has an..uh..different plan. When Jewel experiences a supernatural ghost, posing as a student, she ends up with two heads...and not the expression. ACTUAL TWO HEADS.

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Chapter 1.

The Locker Addiction

“Yay!!” called the students of Prince and Princess Academy. The bell rung nonstop and even thought it was spring vacation nobody moved away from their lockers and stood put and the ones who were walking, were slower than snails. Jewel Brandhe, was one of the ones staying put. It wasn’t that she wanted to stay in school. Like many others school bored her and was extremely terrifying. But for some reason she just wanted to stay next to her locker. She was sure she knew why…it just hadn’t exactly made its way into her mind yet what it was. “Hey Jewel, why don’t I sign your notebook. It’s not the end of semester but wouldn’t it be great if I did?” said Mason, shoving a pile of shaggy hair out of his eyes. Jewel’s heart melted. It wasn’t that she liked Mason…she was eternally in love with him. And even if he was dating Jennifer Copen, with her long magenta and auburn hair, and cutting edge outfits, Jewel was still very aware that he was as cute as a modern day Cinderella’s Prince Charming. “S-sure” muttered Jewel, struck. He reached for the notebook and was just signing his name when Jennifer reached for his arm. “Baby, you said you were taking me to Mama’s Big House for my egg rolls and Cali-Fries!!” Jennifer whined. Much to Jennifer’s dismay and Jewel’s delight, Mason looked incredibly annoyed. “Sure babe, just hold up” he kissed Jennifer on the cheek and wrote his signature and number in the book. He handed it back with his bright smile and joined Jennifer assuring her that he wasn’t cheating. Jewel looked at the number and Mason’s name on the green sheet of paper. She ran her hand over the smudged handwriting of red ink and barely realized that her only friends at the school, Miranda Hingshawn and Lola Grenale peeking at it. “Mimi!! Lo!!” cried out Jewel deeply embarrassed by the dreamy expression she had worn on her face. “Let me guess…Mason??” asked Miranda pulling her multi-colored blonde hair into a loose bun. “Yup. I can tell cuz you’re biting your lip all serious like. You do that when you’re about to lie” said Lola who stroked her hand through her own hair which were red locks, long and wavy. “So?” said Jewel, even though she knew she was biting her lip. “It’s ok; we’ve both found crushes of our own. Me, I’m addicted to this jock on the football team, Josh. And Lola is in love with a total sweetheart who absolutely loves to bake. We’ve got our happy endings!!” said Miranda, adjusting her fuzzy blue and pink cardigan and smiling at Jewel and Lola. “I’ve got to go. My mom says my piano lessons shorten by the minute. I’m sure she’ll put me in a real stage if I don’t get on my way. When I’m out of the school I’ll text you the latest gossip and if you need to check out Brooke’s blog. See ya!!” Lola walked briskly around the crowd. “Me too, I need to eat lunch I’m starving. But I’ll call everyone for tomorrow. I’m having a sleepover!! Bye Jewel” Miranda raced off. Jewel wanted to go with them but there was that nagging thing that told her to stay. But she fought the urge. She began to walk with the slow-paced crowd. She got a text from Lola. Bwoop.  What’s up?? I’m out. Emma and Micah are having a massive fight. Brooke got a new blog post. Juicy, it really is!! Btw, Miranda is having a sleepover. Inviting me and you, Brooke and some other ppl, that I can’t remember. She is calling now. So when Jewel’s phone rang she was not surprised to hear it was Miranda. “Hey, Brooke’s blog is awesome! When you get home or finish talking to me check it out. Sleepover tomorrow night at 6:00 PM to whenever we fall asleep. LOL! Sending you guys an E-mail with what you got to bring see ya!!” Miranda ended the call. Probably some more people to call thought Jewel as she finally reached the outside of the school. The sun was bright, and the lush green lawn was full of people emptying out of the school. Lola had been right. Micah and Emma were having a BIG fight between who their boyfriend’s had cheated on. She rode the bus home, and rushed to her room, where she plopped on the pillow with her favorite book, Des Romancinca. It had just gotten good.

“Kind sir…I must tell you that I cannot stay here and marry you. I am engaged to another man” said Princess Shelia. “Well…can that prince kiss you like this” he kissed her hard. “Harass you like this” he ran his fingers along her body and threw off her-

“JEWEL!! I wanted to use your computer but here!! I don’t want it now, that you’ve got Miranda’s E-mail’s on it” her little brother gave her a computer that probably had once been as clean as a glass from a millionaire. But right now, it was covered in boogers and something that looked an awful lot like poop. Jewel told him to leave it on the floor, she’d clean it later. Her brother, Devin left and Jewel opened the computer slowly. She checked it. Then she washed it off with a cloth, careful not to get it on the keys. Then she looked at her E-mail and then Brooke Keynain’s blog.

Dear jewel,
As you probably know, there’s a slumber party at my house tomorrow at 6:00 PM. Please be on time and bring a following snack or party savor of something.
. Popcorn
. Pizza
. Chips
. Coke
. PowerAde
I hope that you can come as I have already planned 8 people and you are one of them. Surprise, surprise!!
Jewel sighed. She had some chips and some Coke. She could bring that. She opened up Brooke’s Blog as well. It was headlined: BOY LOVE IN RUMOR. As a romantic fanatic, Jewel felt the need to read it.
Has a rumor that boy love is spreading fast? Josh is known to be heading for a girl named Miranda who is also supposed to be falling in love with him. And Lola, Micah and Andrea are all heading toward someone new, a mysterious cutie, named Freddie. Whose on who comments??
Jewel read it a few good times. She searched and searched for any sign of Mason breaking up with Jennifer. She found and article or two about it, but they were still together so it must have been old. After a quick check for ANYTHING with Jennifer being heartbroken (other than her shoes disappearing), she returned to her novel, Des Romancinca.

“Harass you like this” he ran his fingers along her body and threw off her dress billowing up. Smiling as she touched him lovingly. When they were done the marriage was decided.
Suddenly bored all of a sudden, Jewel moved on to her sleep. She was bored of all of this romance for once. The book was definitely NOT for her because anything that involved “touching” even if it was just a tap on the shoulder disturbed her. She began to think. It was a new challenge, trying to figure out why she had been so ADDICTIED to her locker, when during the school year, she hated switching back and forth with her books, and staring unhappily at her locker until Lola or Miranda reminded her they weren’t in Heaven and that the locker wasn’t going to slither away, like a snake. She thought and thought. She hadn’t been cursed, had she? It was too much to think about. Jewel made a mental note in her head about learning more about her locker addiction and fell asleep.
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