Mary Evans, hardworking and orphaned, has been given up to somebody who doesn't have a care in the world. When she was working in the kitchen, she found a young boy who led her to a portal hidden in her room. If she goes through everything will change, if she stays she'll have to live how she lives now. Go on, read the first chapter. (Story 1) I will add new chapters as soon as I can

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Chapter 1.


Charlotte Evans made her way slowly to the little dump on Cower streets corner, being careful to not bump into anything in the darkness. Moonlight shone brightly above the scratched up, old bed. Charlotte slowly teared off the thin blanket off her child, Mary Evans. She carried her slowly to the orphanage, hopefully they would care for her, love her with their hearts.
"I'm sorry my darling, I don't want to, but I have to do this." Charlotte whispered, placing her daughter onto the cold, stone stairs. She cried as she left, and returned to the little dump. Before she left, a knock on the door would wake them up. So she knocked three times and scrammed. Stephen jumped out of bed swiftly, muttering,"Who could that be at this hour?!" And slowly creaked open the old door.
"What the-!?" He shrieked, then looked around the streets for anyone, then carried Mary inside. He turned the little blanket around, and noticed her name.
"Mary." He muttered under his breath. He carried her to an empty room- just a bed, dressing table, and a cabinet- and placed her carefully on the old bed.
"I didn't think running the orphaned would make people give me their unwanted children." He growled.
The door creaked closed, and darkened the room Mary slept in. All she didn't know is that she isn't going to be loved in a place like this. The tall, almost empty building could never be a loved house, where loved children and loved pets happily go to to be loved. She didn't know making friends is going to be difficult in the next years.
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