wire (9)

wire (9)

Yep everyone is excited that wire or should I Frost. Any ways I would say that Silver is the most excited

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The Date

The Date

Amy took me to an old abandoned house. We went up the stairs and went inside. "You guys I'm back and I brought a friend!" Amy yelled. I directed my attention to the five boys running down the stairs. I remembered them Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, and Silver. "Hi I'm...."
"I know Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, and Silver." I interpreted Sonic. "How did you know?" Sonic said surprised. "Your telling me you guys don't remember me?" I asked with disappointment. "No we remember your um.... your um...... Betty?" Sonic said. "I'M WIRE!" I screamed at them. "WIRE!" They all said at ounce. I was so furious my only friends didn't remember me at all. "I guess I'll just leave if my only friends don't remember me." I snapped at them. I turned around and as soon I was about to walk out the door I felt. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. "Don't please its just that you changed." I turned around and it was Silver. "I mean  I like the change you look pretty....... um...... I mean....you looked pretty before too.... I mean...." Before he could finish I gave him a big hug and said. "Thanks" He just blushed and smiled. Later I was telling them how I ran into Amy and my fight with Daliah. "Man you could've died." Knuckles said. I nodded my head. I saw sonic look at Silver and wink. "Hey you guys I wanna show ya something that Tails been working on." He said as he winked. Everyone got up and before I was about to follow Silver pulled me aside. "Hey um... Wire..."
"I go by Frost now." I interrupted him. "Right, um... would you like to um... you don't have to, but would you like to go out tonight?" He asked blushing. "Shure I love to Silver where to?" I asked. "Well I thought we could go to a movie then a picnic." Silver said more confidently. "Sounds great what movie are we gonna see?" I asked. "You'll see." He said while giving me a devilish smile. I had a feeling it was going to be a horror movie. "Frost I heard your going on a date with Silver?" Amy asked. "You heard right and your not really Sonic's girlfriend Socue is Sonic told me." I said. "Oh well, anyways, what are you gonna wear?" She asked. "I guess what I'm wearing." I said. "No, no, no. Here try these on." She said handing me a gray short-sleeved shirt, a sparkly gray mini skirt, and gray high-heels. I took them and went to change. Not bad I thought, but I didn't want to get too dressed up so I put my jeans under the skirt, my jacket over my shirt, and changed into my boots. I met Silver outside. "Um... wow....... you look great." He said. "Thanks." I said blushing. He held out his hand. I grabbed ahold of his hand and he took off. He took me to the movies and I was right it was a horror movie I got so scared that I leaned my head against his chest while closing my eyes. After that, he took me to a hill where he made sandwiches and bought vanilla ice cream, my favorite. "Nice picnic Silver the sandwiches are really good." I said. "Thanks." He said. "Look." I said pointing at a shooting star. I wished that my life would be perfect no enemy and no none memory of my paste. I leaned back to stare at the stars. "Their pretty aren't they." Silver asked me. "Huh what oh yeah the stars. They are pretty." I said as I snapped out of my daze. Silver leaned back too and we talked for hours then he the took us back home. "I had fun." I said. "Yeah me too." Silver said. He leaned in and kissed me. "Well see you tomorrow." He said when he stopped kissing me. He ran inside and I stood there stunned about what just happened. I wasn't angry I was actually happy. I eventually went inside and went to sleep.
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